Attune Your Spirit - Putting Affirmative Words to Music

The Attune Your Spirit CD series is shared with you in the Spirit of Love.
We have been studying and experiencing how the universal laws, when applied (and also when they are not applied) affect the conditions of our lives. Throughout all this study and practice we looked for a way to really serve the higher Good.
Our personal family relationship is one of togetherness; we really enjoy being together. Our prayer has been to serve, together, while continuing to study and practice the Truth Principles. Our prayers were answered and we were inspired to share the power of praise, in word and in song.

The materials are designed to make the listener/participant experience increased Joy, Health, Wealth and Happiness. A lifting up of the heart and mind occurs when both speaking and singing the same words of Truth, using both left and right brains. Daily practice is encouraged, in order to stay in tune with all the good that is everywhere equally present.

Our prayer now is that those who use this method, experience daily upliftment. That, with practice, becomes the new consciousness: a consciousness of joy, a grateful state of mind, and a song of praise in the heart.

Attune Your Spirit is a 4-part series, available now as a digital download. The 4 series components are Joy, Health, Wealth and Happiness. Purchase Wealth and Happiness for $15, and receive Joy and Health absolutely free. Total value of the series is $30. This is a special offer for Asoma subscribers only.
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Read on to learn more:

Let's first take a look at the transformative qualities of music; then we'll explore the innate power of the spoken word. We'll learn why the combination of these is key to accelerating our ability to access the powers of the Universe.

After listening to a piece of music, just notice your feeling, and how does it make you feel? Usually music will make you feel more uplifted, more energetic, more alive and vibrant - and why is that? Let's take a look at it.

What is music?
Music is sound vibration, wave, and frequency when played in concession or unison or harmony. These resonating frequencies impact the emotional centers into action or inaction.
As some of you already know, having learned from gurus and teachers, everything in our Universe is vibrational. We live in an ocean of motion. And we can also tell you that music transcends space and time, and is multidimensional. Not just sound, but the actual movement of sound vibration in its varying frequency, creating music, melody and harmony. That does something to people.

As music moves through our physical form, it is key to unlocking the emotional centers and also stimulating memory and nerve centers. One reason we know that music stimulates these emotional centers, especially for memory, is the effect of advertising jingles and sound bytes such as the Intel signature sound. Or what about when your favorite song pops into your head - you are quite often instantly transported back to a specific event. It's not just an emotional attachment, it's an actual memory attachment to that sound, to that piece of music.

Music strikes a chord within us. This is called resonance, when you're vibrating at the same frequency or level as the music, it goes directly into our cellular memory structure, and then it's easier to retrieve. Like that song you just can't get rid of.

An example of resonance: you could sing or hum a tone to a guitar or piano. You will find that when you sound that certain note, the corresponding piano or guitar string will start to vibrate to that frequency and will then re-sound it back to you.

We're all like this. We find levels of frequency with each other, with things that we like and things we do not like. And this is how things are attracted or repelled according to the level of vibration. So music is very key in transforming a lot of things within us. It can actually wash through us, and wash out our undesirable memory traits, and instill pleasurable and desirable memory traits.

Now that's a very very encapsulated view of music as sound vibration.

Now when we attach the affirmative word, we add another component to this. We use words every day, some good, some not so good. When we use affirmative words in this process, we're using a number of important laws. One is the Law of Mind Action, which is "Thought held in mind produce their kind." So what we want to do is keep a desirable thought in our mind action so that it produces the most desirable fruit.
The 2nd law is the power of the spoken word, which is "Ask and ye shall receive." "In the beginning there was the word, and without the word, nothing was made." So words are dynamic because they create. And speech is the very breath of God. So let's see what actually happens when we speak. You take a breath and fill your lungs with air: which is light, the energy of life. The air goes through your larynx, which is the music box of the mind; it is a power centre or chakra: a very very powerful place. This is like a vibrational amplifier of thought. You are bringing that thought out of the unseen into the seen.

The other thing that happens when we say a word, is our lips shape the words. Our lips shape this light vibration into word. We shape and mold the Universal Substance, which is the life force of our lungs through the larynx, or music box of the mind, and we shape it into words, and shape it into our world. So this is how we become co-creators, by shaping our own world, by speaking it into existence. So keep in mind, that even the not so good stuff that is sent out, must be transformed by denials or cancelled out because this also is going into our universal substance and is presented to us on a daily basis as our moment-by-moment experience. By combining your affirmations with the sound vibration of music, and by singing those affirmations, you add this powerful powerful tool to manifest your own desires, your own world, your own universe.

Since emotion is one of the keys to demonstrating our desire, we need to activate those feelings. This is where and why you can use singing.

I believe somewhere in the Bible, or somewhere in the mystic teachings, there's a phrase that says, "Blessed are those that make a joyous sound." Another phrase I seem to remember is "Those who sing pray twice." So singing adds emotion to your thought.
If ever you find yourself in distress, simply hum. Simply find a melodic something to take up that space, and you'll find yourself lifting out of that lower vibration instantly, just by singing, or humming. So singing adds emotions to your thoughts and words. And music opens up the emotional centers, and activates them into creating a link to memory. So we set up a triune vibrational energy field, which the Universal Substance responds to with yes, yes YES! So we have 3 elements coming together as one. We have thought, which is wave, we have emotion, which is pulse, and we have word, which is form. And when this all happens we call this coherency. Coherency is the action of stitching together, the harmonious connections of several parts, so the whole thing works together.

Example: We have a 100 watt light bulb. Now the light in the room if you have a 100 watt light bulb, will radiate that light all around the room. It'll take that light and disperse it. But when you condense the light, say in a 100 watt laser, that laser can then cut steel. The difference between this is in the light bulb, the light is diffused all over the place, it's sporadic, whereas the laser gets all the light to work together in one stream.
So this is why series like Attune Your Spirit works so well, because it's putting all that energy, all that light, into one area, so that the focus can be clearly defined. We can use the series for manifesting more Joy, more Health, more Wealth, more Happiness, for ourselves and for humanity.

In concluding, we have put together a series of affirmative phrases, and sung those affirmative phrases in a very joy-filled and uplifting musical sound scape. It is provided it for 4 main areas of life, which are Joy, Health, Wealth and Happiness.
I invite you to come to Attune Your Spirit and enjoy a sample of an Attune Your Spirit session.

Many Blessings to you now and always.

The Asoma Music Team

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