Where do you live?

'Scare City'(scarcity) or 'Abundance Metropolis'?

In order to get there though, you are going to have to cross 'De Nile', better known as the river 'denial'.

But what must you deny?

You must deny anything that would stop you from attaining success. Yes, the success that you're so richly entitled to experience on planet earth.

You must decide once and for all that you live in the world of 'too much' rather than always focussing on the world of 'not enough'.

'Not enough' is only an idea and once you learn how to replace it with the much better idea of 'too much', watch how your perspective will be changed in an instant.

You can change your world if you only decide. Decide today to escape to abundance.

More WEALTH to you!

There are two ideas that you have a choice to accept.

The first is the idea of 'not enough' found in 'scare city' (scarcity).

The second is the idea of 'too much' located in 'Abundance Metropolis'.

Which idea are you going to concentrate your thoughts on?

For years I have personally fought with the idea that the world was a world of 'not enough'. But the facts are that poor people remain poor because that is the only world that they know. However, rich thoughts create for you your own world of 'too much'.

Whatever your reality is on the inside is the reality of what is on the outside. Your reality on the outside cannot and will not be changed until you change the reality on the inside.

Change your reality in your mind and heart and you can change your address once and for all.

And this is where we must constantly remind ourselves that there does exist a world of 'too much'.

The world of 'too much' is a real world and it is a world for you and it is a world for me if we only choose to live in it and learn what it takes to live in it.


But, ask yourself this question once more: What world am I living in?

Where do you spend your dreams?

Where do you focus your thoughts?

What vocabulary do you speak? Do you speak words of lack that are filled with lack-lustred excuses or do your phrases expound the abundance of supply that permeates everything you do?

Do you worry or do you work with a purpose and a plan?

If you spend more time in the company of Naysayers and 'do nothings' then you will live a dismal life.

However, if you choose to place yourself in an atmosphere of hope and possibility and allow yourself to be prodded and your mind stretched, then you will rise up and above whatever life you are presently living.


So what must you invest into your life if you are to escape 'Scare City' and find yourself in 'Abundance Metropolis'?


Where you spend your time today, tomorrow and the next day will determine the future that you purchase.

Analyse your days.

How much time do you invest in personal development?

How much time do you spend in educating yourself in the art of rich living?

How much time do you read or listen to material that educates you in how you can start living the 'too much' life?

How many seminars do you attend to keep you up to speed in your career, your business, your knowledge of those things that will lead you on to a better life?

How much time do you spend in the presence of mentors?

How much time do you devote as a 'student of success'?

Your time is your most precious commodity, so never waste a single drop. Drink deep and live well.

Motivational Memo: Great lives are the culmination of great thoughts followed by great actions.

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