92% of all success is achieved through systems. Systems provide the consistency and predictability required to get the results you want. At first glance you may think systems are for big business and that they don’t have any value for you as an individual or small business owner, but that just isn’t true. Highly successful people have systems for: time management, planning, and how they do their work. Systems are part of their strategy for success.

To succeed you need consistent and predictable results. Without that no one would want you as an employee, and no one would want to purchase your product or service. Think about McDonald’s success strategy. People don’t choose McDonald’s because they serve such wonderful food. People choose McDonald’s because they can count on consistently and predictably getting the same experience.

Systems help you to strengthen your persistence. When you don’t have systems that consistently and predictably produce a result you don’t know what to change, or how to change it when things aren’t working the way you want. Everything seems haphazard and unexplainable when you really could predict the results you’re getting if you clearly defined the actions you’re taking. When you include systems as part of your success strategy you’re more likely to persist to improve the system until you get it right to produce the results you want.

Successful people gain confidence through their systems. Increased confidence enhances your determination to continue on your path for success because you know exactly what you’re doing now and the results that’s producing. As you focus on the system and the desired end result your determination mounts because you aren’t taking short comings as personal defeats, but rather opportunities to improve your systems.

Systems thinking as a success strategy isn’t something that comes naturally to all people. So what do you do if you aren’t a systems thinker, or don’t know how to be a systems thinker. Look to others who are experts in the things you aren’t to help you to create systems that will make your path to success shorter.

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