Last weekend I experienced a perfect example of simple selling.

Let me explain. Last weekend Bernadette, my wife, took me to Howie-In-The-Hills for a 3-day golfing package to celebrate my birthday.

Mount Dora is a beautiful lakefront village located in Central Florida and that's where we headed as soon as we arrived at the Mission Hills Golf Resort.

Mount Dora had one of the biggest Art and Craft shows I have ever seen. Exhibit after exhibit was stuffed to the gills with every imaginable kind of Arts and Crafts.

Most exhibits did their best to overload your senses. Most exhibits except one.

The Appalachian Bow Saw exhibit was different because they only demonstrated and sold one product.

This was simple selling at its best.

The Bow Saws we will looking at has its origins in the Appalachian Mountains. You can use this Bow Saw to cut red, crusty French, tough bagels, and mushy sourdough or can be cut with these. You can also use this knife for vegetables, fruits, and cheese.

Robert Linn has one product that was available in a wide variety of domestic and imported woods.

After briefly describing his Bow Saw, he handed it to you and ask you to cut a slice from a loaf of French Bread.

This was simple selling at its best.

Robert to be sure, helped sell his product, and he allowed the product to do some selling too.

I remember selling laboratory supplies years ago. Back then we had a catalog filled with over 100,000 chemicals, supplies, glassware, apparatus, and instrumentation. The tendency back then, and I suspect for a lot of salespeople today, is to talk about as many products as you can.

It's very easy for Robert to focus on one product during a sales call because he only has one product to sell.

Simple selling enables buyers to do simple buying.

Don't talk too much!

Don't sell too many products at one time!

Don't forget to let your sales prospect touch and feel the product - if that's possible!

Don't overstay your welcome!

Do ask questions!

Do have a prepared and rehearsed product presentation!

Do have a prepared and rehearsed response to common objections!

Do have a prepared and rehearsed way to ask for the order.

Robert's simple approach to selling made it simple for us to buy two of his Appalachian Bow Saws.

Don't complicate the selling process.

Establish crystal clear sales objectives for every sales call using simple selling techniques.

Then watch your sales take off!

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