Time. I’m talking about Time! Where’d it go? Not just yesterday, or the week before, but last year – and the one before that – and the one before that…

Wow! It seems like not all that long ago I was running through the alfalfa field on our central Nebraska farm chasing grasshoppers and butterflies and whatever other little flyie (yes, this is a brand new word that you may pencil in on the border of your dictionary if you wish) guys that happened to be hanging around that day. And now – blink… click… flick… flash… here I am, sitting at the computer in a semi-retired, ready-for-Medicare world that I couldn’t picture – much less even consider – only a few short years ago. OK, so maybe “few” isn’t totally accurate, but “short” fits entirely too smoothly.

As I remember back on the events of those years passed, the words that pop into my head are “Hey, it’s been a really cool trip!” Oh, it’s not that I’ve gotten to travel extensively – other than a few sojourns across the western pond complements of Uncle Sam – and it’s not that I’ve been able to partake of the delicacies of a lifestyle of one of the “rich and famous”. Nope. I’ve just done pretty much normal-type stuff. Went to school, put in some military time, got married, had kids, held some jobs, moved around, and now I’m here. Sitting at my computer in a neat older house on a tree-lined street in a small town in the Ozarks. Is that cool or what?

No, really! It is absolutely terrific! Because as I look back on the past years, I realize that I’ve generally been able to do those things I wanted to do. Sure, some of the events and situations were totally uncomfortable, but they were important to me in that they permitted me to move on to a better – and more comfortable – situation. And yes, I’ve screwed up and made my share of mistakes as I’ve sauntered down my life path. Thank God! Those goofs, those blunders and errors in judgment were the very things that allowed me to learn whatever I needed to learn so I could move on more easily to the yes, better – and more comfortable – situations.

And I’ve learned – a lot in the past years. Sure, I still have a lot still to learn, but I’m thankful for the information that has managed to batter its way through my thick skull and into the gray matter. I’ve helped people, too. Family members, students, working folks and maybe some here and there that I don’t know about. Of course, there are likely a few other folks still roaming around this old world who would question the “helping’ and might have more of a tendency to categorize my actions under an entirely different heading. But that’s OK, too. Sometimes we screw up and besides, no matter what we do in life, we’ll never be able to please everyone. It’d be a waste of time and effort to even try.

So why am I blabbering on about my average life? Because it was – and still is – an important life. It’s essential for each one of us to understand that no matter who we are, where we live or what we do, our life IS extremely important. It is our opportunity to experience things and to learn from them. It is our chance to have a positive impact on those around us. It is our opportunity to experience love and to in turn, smear it all over anyone who dares come near us. It’s our chance to laugh, play, and enjoy all the beauty and wonder of this great creation that we’re a part of.

So? So, don’t waste it! Don’t waste your precious time on the negatives. Don’t squander those precious moments in self-pity, or whining or complaining about the inequities of life. Don’t get caught up in the “life sucks” mode of thinking. You don’t have time for any of that nonsense. This is a quick trip we’re taking on Planet Earth. Pay attention – learn – help others – help yourself – and do the best you can at whatever it is you do. As you get closer to your life’s final chapters, I think you’ll be glad you did. (And don’t forget to take time to enjoy the scenery!)

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