Those five words are from a song that I remember hearing a long time ago. It may even be the song’s title. I dunno. For those of you who don’t speak casual English, the word “teejus” can be translated to “tedious”. Somehow it just doesn’t have the same impact though. I think I’ll just stick with teejus…

Life does have a tendency to get teejus, doesn’t it? Sometimes it’s our work, sometimes the family – or our… ahem… “friends” – or the bills – or the housework – or the car – or medical stuff – or the taxes – or the weather – or the danged cat – or… well, you get the idea. Once in a while – and commonly a lot more often than that – the stuff of life gets piled so high it would take a bulldozer to shove it out of the way. Yep, life does get teejus…

OK, so what we can do about these teejus moments in our life?

Question - do you want to hear about how a lot of the teejus moments we live with are our own creation and caused by the way we think and feel about ourselves including assorted things like guilt, fear, lack of confidence, inability to say no, lack of self discipline, a victim mentality, an overwhelming urge to please, and a pile of other assorted self-limiting techniques? Do you want to hear about how if we want to change our lives we’ll need to change the way we think which will in turn allow us to change our actions and response to events that occur in our lives? Do you want to hear that none of this will happen overnight and that we’ll probably need to spend quite a bit of time modifying our mental programming so that we can approach life with a new, improved outlook which will ultimately lead us to a more enjoyable, less stressful lifestyle?

Nah, I didn’t think so. Oh, don’t get me wrong. You’ll still have to learn and work to modify your thinking and then apply this knowledge to your life. It’s all part of the personal growth process. We just won’t discuss it now if you’d rather not.

So what would you like to hear about? How about a way to make all of this a bit easier? OK, then…

Get connected. That’s a great way to start smoothing out the rough spots in your life’s routine. It’s a dependable path to your own personal success. It’s the foundation that will make the building of your new life’s structure a whole bunch easier – and a lot more fun.

By “get connected” I mean tapping into your spiritual self – your innate spiritual awareness. Some folks like to refer to it as accessing their higher consciousness while others talk about communications with God or their angels or guides. Same difference as far as I’m concerned. It appears that we all have a natural – call it God-given if you want – ability to access information and guidance that comes from somewhere outside of our physical earthly environment. Yeah, I know. If you haven’t experienced this, it sounds like I’m talking from somewhere in the twilight zone. If you have - or are experiencing it, you know that it’s an absolutely normal part of our existence – and that it works! Why and how nobody really knows. But it works.

Nah, there’s nothing mysterious, magical, ultra religious – nor demon influenced – about any of this. And there’s no requirement to be a part of any group – religious or otherwise – nor is there an obligation to follow any special procedures or participate in any rituals to be “connected”. Oh, you can if you want – if you feel it makes communications easier or better. Whatever works for you – works for you.

It appears that it’s mostly a matter of acceptance. Accepting the possibility that communications with - and guidance from - God, the other side, our higher consciousness, up there, over there, wherever it is… exists. Then just allowing it to happen. Yeah, this is a bit oversimplified but that’s what it boils down to in the end. Just letting it happen!

No, this “approach to life” is not at all unusual nor is it new. Folks have been working their connections in one way or another for thousands of years. They still are. Of course, a lot of these folks are not willing to come right out and admit that they’ve been tapping into the great beyond. After all, they wouldn’t want anyone to think they’re taking silly pills. It’s an image thing, ya know.

Here’s a suggestion. If you’ve never tried using your “spiritual” connections, give it a shot. Do some research – snoop around the net, hit the bookstores, check out some organizations or groups – and find an approach that you feel might work for you. Then try it. See what happens. Be patient and just let it happen. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

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