To a society and civilization that has grown accustomed to having, pursuing and often worshipping the material things in life such as money, houses, cars and physical appearance, it’s not easy to think about dropping any of these from our list of priorities. Many of us have been programmed to believe that these possessions are a measure of our success. They are assumed to be so necessary to our existence that without them we feel worthless - failures in the eyes of our fellow man.

Look around you, then look closely at yourself. Think about all of the people you know or have heard about that have more wealth and possessions than most of us could imagine. Think about some of their stories - numerous marriages, battles with drugs and alcohol, chaos and unhappiness in their lives. What is wrong? What is missing?

Now, look at some of those who have next to nothing. People who have only the basic necessities of life and yet are so very, very happy. Look closely and you will find their lives are filled with love - love of a spouse, children and friends. Love of nature, of life and of God.

It’s sad that so much of our programming has been so off base. It’s not the material goods and possessions that bring us true happiness and contentment. It’s love - true, open, honest, unconditional love.

To experience and fill our lives with love, we must start deep within ourselves. We need to learn and accept that there is a single source of true, pure love that is shown to us consistently in an infinite number of ways. We need to learn that we as humans are specially created to feel and to know love.

We must learn and understand how to put ourselves first on our “love list”. Most importantly, we must recognize that each one of us - no matter what we have done - is an extremely special creation of an infinite power. We are created with love.

We are an integral, important part of a master plan and are no better nor worse than any other person of the face of this earth. Each and every one of us has at least a spark of this universal love within our being. Take time to find it. Take time to know and love the “real” you. Take time to feel the love of your creator and the universe. Then share this love with those around you. Look for others to love - not in the fictional movie or romantic novel sense - but love as one special creation is intended to love another.

Give your love freely, without reservation and unconditionally to everyone you meet. Show your love openly and sincerely, with caring and compassion, to all that are a part of your life. Yes, this includes the “jerks” that are part of your discomfort. (Remember, the “jerks” are special, too. They are having experiences to help them learn just like the rest of us.)

Love with all of your heart and all of your being. Without fail, this love will be returned to you in a quantity and in ways you have never imagined. Don’t be disappointed if your love is not returned exactly in the way you anticipated or from the person you expected. Remember that true, unconditional love expects nothing in return.

Watch and be patient with the “system” and with yourself. Love is on the way. In fact, the love already exists and is waiting for you. Prepare yourself to accept and enjoy it.

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