Do you know that Internet is going to replace your old TV? I am a big advocate of selling info products via video on the Internet, and Thousands of savvy marketers are already earning a lot of money online selling digital products...

Most of these marketers are actually selling e-books, in PDF or .exe format. While it is still possible to make a nice and steady income with e-books, video is more profitable powerful than those digital format ebooks.

A “new” and very hot trend is to sell audio and video products. Don't worry, you don't need to be an expert on any technical stuff, and you can add video and audio to your website as fast as you are uploading your e-book to your server.

Audio and Video Streaming is a tool used by a few savvy marketers to pulverize their competition in any market and dominate their targeted niche.

Did you ever wonder why 5% of the affiliates get 90% of the commissions? One of their secrets is to use video and audio. They can become super affiliates just by making videos products.

Here is how they do it: they do a video presentation on their affiliate website, explaining to you the product's benefit: “What's in it for you”. It's much easier and better than reading.

Now it's becoming interesting... At the end of the video, you will be forwarded to a link (the affiliate link), and voila! You are ready to buy, because the affiliate not only explained what you will get with the product, but he actually showed you the product in action. It's really powerful.

The beauty in video products is that they actually teach people as close as possible to a real experience. The prospect can see what the product will do, and decide at the moment if it is what he or she was searching for.

Happily, adding audio and video to your webpages is easy when you have the right tools. Don't start to think how you will be able to add that new technology to your website yourself, because you don't have to. All that you need is to know where to get it done for you.

People don't realize that there is a lot of genius on the Internet who already did all the hard work so the non-technical person can make money with it.

You will even find free softwares and open source project to add audio and video to your website. According to your needs and budget, you must decide if the paid or free version will be suitable for you.

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Franck Silvestre specializes in providing affiliate marketing tips tips. To learn more about how to earn more with vlogging, Podcasting and Streaming Audio and Video, visit: How to Make Money With Video to get started.