The only obvious sign of infertility is when there is no conception after a couple has tried for many months. In fact, if a couple hasn't conceived after at least one year, then problems may exist.

The truth is, there is no real sign to determine if infertility issues are present. The only clue is when being tested for a particular issue and if the tests return positive, then action can be taken to rectify the problem if possible.

Cervical Mucus

This article is not intended to provide false hope but one area which has gathered momentum in recent years is the subject of cervical mucus.

Lack of or very little cervical mucus, or the presence of it in acidic form in a woman is said to have an impact on the male's sperm having the ability to travel towards the egg. Cervical mucus plays a role in this process and without it, the sperm will have difficulty achieving it's aim.

How can this help you in relation to being a sign of infertility? Well, one of two ways. You can either perform your own test for the presence of healthy cervical mucus or talk to your doctor about it before taking any action.

Collecting Mucus Samples

If you are performing the test at home make sure your hands are hygienically clean. By simply inserting the finger as close to the cervix as you can and collecting a sample, you're looking for fluid which is of a clear and slippery nature.

This is considered highly desirable and it's when a woman is at her most fertile. Obviously, heading into and during ovulation will be optimal time for getting pregnant. You're aim is to monitor this and assume your best chances of becoming pregnant is when the mucus is at this level.

If you're not sure about conducting such a test then your doctor can give you further information.

As mentioned earlier, this is just a guide and not the answer to your fertility problems. You must keep in mind the art of conception is a complex thing and there are many variables which can affect getting pregnant.

Remember, the problem may not lie with you but your partner. Male infertility is just as common and that's why it's always suggested to remain positive during this investigative period. You'll not really get a sign of infertility until all avenues have been explored.

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