Those who dare to dream accomplish great things.
Just ask internationally acclaimed illusionists Siegfried
& Roy. I had the honor of working for them for about
7 years, right up until Roy’s tragic accident in 2003. They were an amazing and inspiring team with a beautiful inner spirit. Roy always said to me,
"If you can dream it, you can do it!"

Their story was a rags-to-riches one, because
they chose to dream. Two teenagers from a
war-torn Germany who had a pocketful of dreams
and little else. They reached for the stars and never
set any limits on what they could achieve. They are living examples that anything is possible, if you
want it bad enough and believe in yourself. Stay focused on your dreams and don’t let others
knock you down.

Many of us had hopes and dreams when we were younger.
We had ideas of what we wanted out of life. When we were young, we could close our
eyes and anything was possible. We were full of enthusiasm! Did you ever hear a child say, "When
I grow up, I want to find a job I hate, work fifty hours a week, get out of shape, have a mediocre relationship, retire, and THEN have some fun?"

What is it you’re hoping for? What would you like to see happen in your life? There are no rules for dreaming and there are no limits. "Our souls speak to us with images," Siegfried told me once. "Our heads speak to us with thoughts. You have to listen to these clues and follow your heart."

"Everything begins in the heart and mind," says Roy. "Every great achievement began in the mind
of one person. They dared to dream, to believe that it was possible. Don’t let negative thinking discourage you. Dream of the possibilities for yourself, your family and for others. If you have a
dream that you let grow cold, reignite that dream! Fan the flames! Life is too short to let it go!"

"You must work hard and be willing to give, and give and give," says Roy. "Don’t even think of receiving – nothing less than a 100% effort will do. After your first true experience of the inner satisfaction that comes from unrelenting effort, you will notice success begins to gain momentum."

"We all have the potential to fulfill our dreams. Start seeking your dream no matter what the consequences and you are already on the road to success. In all of us there is an elusive melody, which when heard and followed will lead you to the fulfillment of your dreams."

It has been nearly three years since Roy's tragic accident during a performance of their record-breaking show "Siegfried & Roy at The Mirage." When asked, "How did he survive when doctors had no hope?" Horn smiles, "The guy upstairs wasn't ready. I was always taught to be strong, that there was nothing I couldn't overcome. You just have to be positive; you just have to believe."

"Nothing is impossible," Roy always said to me, "You must believe in yourself, believe in change, and believe in your dreams, for there is magic within all of us."

Michael Snell
Derrick Sorles

Author's Bio: 

Michael Snell and Derrick Sorles are Web 2.0 consultants and blog coaches. One of their successful blogs is LIFE BY DESIGN, an inpsirational and motivational site designed to help others create positive change in their lives. Michael worked for Siegfried and Roy for 7 years, up until Roy's accident.