It seems like lack of money leads to stress, but it’s really the other way around. Unconscious stress causes financial self-sabotage.

United States of America (Press Release) September 15, 2008 -- A Dutch training and business consulting company has researched this pattern over the past 12 years, and the solution is surprising.

“If you are worried about money then the first thing to do is find the internal cause and correct it quickly,” says Jacob Korthuis, president of the PMA Institute and the author of The Happy Millionaire. “The solution is not to go and find another job, or start a side business, the solution is first to remove your internal block to making money.”

“Most people say that they want to be rich, but then act in ways that sabotage themselves,” Korthuis explains. “That's because a lifetime of accumulated data is stored in their brains linking pain to making money.”

In addition to explaining the root causes of financial lack, Jacob will also show your audience a series of techniques they can use at home to help find and correct their own limits around money, including...

* Why it’s literally never too late to become rich.

* Why luck is not a factor, and why some people seem “lucky” when it comes to money.

* Why “positive thinking” or an “attitude of gratitude” will actually keep you broke – no matter what Oprah tells you.

* Why two children from the exact same upbringing can have completely different financial lives – one can literally be a millionaire while another child slaves at minimum wage.

* Why many successful people fail repeatedly before they make it, and why you don’t have to.

* “Bad clusters” in your mind. How your brain produces them, and how they literally stop you from making the money you want.

Jacob Korthuis (pron.: Korthouse) is a fun, fast-paced interview who has been featured radio and print in Europe. He is located in Orlando, Florida. To interview Jacob, call (321) 948-5811.

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