When applying the Law of Attraction what you focus on is what it is all about. Think of your focus as a laser beam and whenever you focus on something, whether it is negative or positive, you are sending out a laser beam that directly brings something back to you. So when you focus over and over again on something, you are bringing it directly back to you in some form. If you are focusing on not having enough money or on how much you hate your job, you are sending out your laser beam straight to what you 'don't want' and that will bring it flying back to you.

So how do you not focus on what you don't want? By shifting your focus to a thought that makes you feel better. Shifting your focus to what you do want will send your laser beam of focus to what you want. Each time you send out the focus of something, you bring it a little closer to you.

Thinking on and focusing on the opposite of your 'don't want' is the best way to shift focus. Let's say you are reliving your past and you keep your focus aimed at all of your past mistakes. How do you shift your focus? By focusing on 'the now' of life.

By taking the past and replaying it the way that you wish it had gone. By realizing it is the past and that you did what you thought would work at the time. Focus on the now; focus on the positive within the past. If you can't find a positive, then imagine it differently. Imagine you have the ability to change and shift your focus to positive feelings in your past.

Shift your focus to what you were taught through the past experience and how appreciative you are for the lesson knowing it won't happen again.
When it comes to world conditions, shift your focus from the negative to the positive. Instead of setting your focus on the poverty and war, shift your focus to peace. Mother Theresa said that she wouldn't go to an antiwar rally but would gladly attend a peace rally. Do you see the difference between the two? Keep your focus on the positive side of your situation and the positive will be realized through the Law of Attraction.

You can change your life with only this small shift in your focus. The Universe will take notice and through the Law of Attraction will bring you what you focus upon.

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