How Can I Reduce My Abdominal Fat ?

There are many factors responsible for abdominal fat like processed food,refined sugar,lack of exercise etc.

But the following two factors are mainly responsible for abdominal fat deposits.

1) Stress

2) Alcohol


Stress has become part of daily life. Job pressure, financial insecurity, problems in personal relations, traffic & pollution all take a heavy toll of our mental well being.

All the above factors combined with continuous negative thinking and not living in the present moment lead to a pressure-cooker environment of the mind

All of us lead a life either in the past or in the future. Either thinking about the past or fantasizing and worrying about the past. Nobody seems to be living in the present moment living every moment and enjoying it.

This constant oscillation of the mind from past to present and present to past like a pendulum takes a heavy toll of your mind and body.Ageing becomes accelerated and the efficiency of the body’s various organs becomes very low.

Stress is the main cause of stored toxins in the body.These toxins impair the normal functioning of the various fat burning and excretory organs like thyroid gland,lever ,kidney etc.

This results in the body not being able to cope up with even normal pressures exerted at various levels due to work or food and the net result is obesity and weight gain.

Accumulated stress and anxiety from daily stress full modern living releases a hormone known as cortisole.

Research indicates that Cortisole is the hormone responsible for preferential deposition of fat in the abdominal area.

So if you want a sexy six pack, getting rid of stress is very important.

There are thousands of books on relieving stress and positive thinking. But no book has the exact answer for the varied stressful states of mind.

Your breath has a vital connection with your mind.By concentrating on your breath you can control your wandering mind and bring it to the present moment.

Various breathing techniques, yogasanas and Pranayamas have the power to expel toxins and stress out of your mind and body and make you more and more centered.

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Alcohol :

Alcohol consumption leads to abdominal fat.

Stanford university school of medicine has reported a link between drinking alcohol and abdominal fat.

Recent finding reports that alcohol drinkers have atleast twice the hip-waist ratios as compared to non-alcoholics.

Alcohol also seems to make the body burn less fat and favours fat storage and subsequent weight gain.

The main problem with alcohol drinking is that the stomach walls directly absorb alcohol. Since it never reaches intestine, the intestine doesn’t give “full” signal to the brain. This causes the person to eat more. It has been observed that you tend to eat atleast 400 calories more when you are drunk.

So, to reduce abdominal fat you need to reduce alcohol consumption or atleast reduce fat consumption whenever you drink.

Spot reduction of abdominal fat is very difficult because fat melts evenly throughout the body. As such to reduce abdominal fat you must strive to reduce fat all over the body.

Expelling the toxins out of your system and correcting the body’s fat burning mechanism can achieve this. Detailed explanation of how to do this can be seen by clicking here.

Alcohol also seems to make the body burn less fat and favours fat storage and subsequent weight gain.

Addditionally, doing crunches regularly will help you a great deal in overcoming excess abdominal fat.

Do these crunches regularly by repaeting 20-25 times daily as shown below.

abdominal gif abdominal fat abdominal fat loss slim and sexy abdominal

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Three years back I noticed that millions of Americans are suffering from excess fat or more appropriately obesity. I also observed that hundreds of different kinds of Diets and supplements were not able to do anything about this rising menace of obesity. I was aware that millions in this world are dying due to malnutrition but this was something new…people dying due to overeating and obesity.

That’s when I decided to do something about it.

We at Transtech Exports Corporation, were already into manufacturing various herbal supplements based on Ayurveda principles for other deseases. So we started researching into various causes and possible remedies for Obesity. This book is the result of our long and painstaking research in Ayurveda about fat loss.

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