Eastern esoteric traditions believe that Shakti is a coiled up snake that rests in the triangle in the small of the back. This snake is the symbol of transformation, healing and change. Just as the caduceus is the Western symbol of the medical profession with two serpents twined around a staff with wings at the top. The caduceus is also the insignia of the US Medical Corps.

These symbols are quite literal. There are three main channels for the Shakti fire to burn its way through the dross; the center of the spinal column, and the Ida and Pingala, which circle back and forth between the right and left sides of the spinal column. They cross over at each chakra forming a double helix like the spiraling DNA all the way up the spine. The fire starts at the base of the lower back emanating from a triangular spot just above the butt and travels up burning and scorching its way through blockages to finally reach the crown chakra. It also burns its way down the legs to the feet, thus forming a complete channel through the body. This channel serves to connect heaven and earth while the body is the container for this radiant flowing energy.

Shakti is the energy of transformation and alchemical transmutation and is represented by snakes and in particular cobras. It is the energy of the evolutionary force in the body. Like a huge raging river, the fire dismantles everything in its path. Flames sear the channels, etching their way into the nooks and crannies, clearing the path for more delicious Shakti to flow. This energy has such intensity that it is like dancing the tightrope on the edge of a razor between ecstatic luscious bliss and excruciating pain. The edge between the two is so infinitesimally small. This Shakti serpent power is the vehicle for the evolution of the individual and the species. Its power transforms everything it its path, opening the way to higher consciousness, delight and joy beyond your wildest dreams!

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