Ingredients: crisp apple, flax seed meal, cinnamon, vanilla or plain yogurt,a few walnuts, possibly raw oatmeal

Unless you have been hanging underneath a pineapple truck, you have heard you need more omega 3s, to keep your brain, heart, and joints ready for love.

Your body is not making this fatty acid.

The standard advice is to eat three servings of fish a week, ground flax seeds, swig some fish oil, or take those kiss killing fish pills that make me burp. YUK!

Nuts. Walnuts are good too, but how many of those are you eating?

In my joyful world, the grinder is for coffee beans. Sardines are lovely once a month. Salmon is great about once a week. And mackerel is for the cat. Dare I say that walnuts are for cookies? Hear. Here.

I was not close to making the goal.

Then I discovered flax seed meal.

No cooking, smelling like fish or burping involved.

The only rule of this salad is you must start with a beautifully crisp apple. Pink Ladies are great.

Run to the nearest PCC, or Health food store, refrigerated section and buy a bag of flax meal. This is going to cost you a little over five bucks. Then pick up some vanilla yogurt.

My youngest daughter was no yogurt lover until Greek Yogurt came along. Now on arriving home, one of her first questions is, “Do you have any Greek yogurt?”. Folks, it tastes like cream.

For your first omega three salad, I say “go for the Greek yogurt”, because later, when you are completely hooked on the ease of this refreshing little booster, you will try plain yogurt with a little agave or honey and all of the other wonderful yogurts.

Cinnamon. If you are lucky enough to have a place to shop where they sell cinnamon in big glass jars, go find one you love the smell favorite is from Vietnam.

Walnuts. You always have walnuts on hand right? A few walnuts give a nice mouth surprise.

Vanilla,walnuts,cinnamon,oatmeal… is this starting to remind you of cookie dough??

I suggest a beautiful plate.

This will stop a cookie craving.

Scoop a dollop of yogurt on the plate, add the flax meal , about a T of uncooked oatmeal (not necessary, but it will help your belly feel full).

Now stir this and spread it out on the platter. Next cut your juicy crisp apple in half. Cut half in half again and then slice, letting the pieces fall on top of the yogurt mixture. Sprinkle the apples with cinnamon. Dust with a few walnuts, crushed or not, and take your plate to a beautiful eating spot place and use a fork that feels just right in your hand.

Take one piece of cinnamon covered apple at a time and scoop some of the yogurt mixture with it.

I just want to say, that if any one is in the house when I make this salad, I end up sharing. They sneak up behind me, distract me, and STEAL a bite!

Once you have had the ultimate experience, you can take short cuts.

In a smaller portion, this is a perfect snack to tide you over before dinner.

“Refreshing” is what the thieves always say!

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Lisa Crunick,helps people change their minds about how they are feeding themselves. She specializes helping those struggling with obesity change their patterns.
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