Kids experience sexual feelings at a very early age. Kids grow up believe that around the age of teenage-hood that boys turn into men and girls will turn into woman and now it’s all about sex.

Most of their idols and movie stars are having sex on screen all the time, they’re ‘our foreplay stars.’ And some are only one step away from making porn movies. Sex on TV is like saying first and second base is alright, but not third or a home run. Now something that is normal is now all about naughty sex that is banned by many as forbidden, and rarely talked about and when it is, it’s dirty, bad, evil and almost non-human. This is the beginning of what has become our sexually dysfunctional society. Children are rarely given the space to talk openly with their parents and talk about this subject so their guessing games begin.

Kids don’t know how to approach their parents as friends when they turn into adults because deep down they know that their parents still have this upper hand and probably the final say so. So why would they come to you and discuss a subject like sex that society has put such an unnatural fence around. SEX has always been associated with those big, KEEP AWAY signs. Children never feel that you are their equal because you have molded them into being your possession, your property for too long.

A lot of children grow up feeling neurotic because they feel out of sync as to what their inner feelings are telling them. They don’t enjoy life because they are not living it their way. They start living the fears of their parents, and their concerns about how society will view them and their sexual ways. All these judgments have taken what is natural and turned it into something that is totally unnatural. The curiosity of a kid will naturally have them exploring themselves, but now with the guilt that their parents might be right, or the shame of being caught in the act.

It’s confusing for young children to know what is natural and what is not. This is the beginning of their suppressed sexual energy that many end up being plagued later in life and don’t enjoy sex. And often too, like any suppressed energy, it can manifest in other ways, like anger, or violence because you were taught from an early age that sexual feelings should be suppressed because they aren’t natural. It would be the same as telling your body you weren’t allow to drink water. Your body craves water and is thirsty all the time. Your body craves sexual pleasure too and needs to be stimulated.

The great thing is, it’s easy for parents to recognize sexual energy in our teens. When they arrive at this place they care about their appearance, their popularity, and they know how to send these signals out loud and clear. They are being 100% human. Their body, their energetic force, and desires have discovered the mating game. The flow of energy between two human beings is huge and should be acknowledged as so, and not shameful, and put in the background as being wrong, or ruled by age, or your own religious doctrine.

A lot of parents choose to put their point of view on their children. “You should wait until you are married, that’s what I did it.” First of all, they are not you, and you cannot expect them to make the same choices. Not everyone will find their perfect soul mate and ride off into the sunset like you did.
If you tell them to wait, and your marriage is over. Your divorce will confuse them. You wasted your time waiting for the right one, who then became the wrong one. What if they do wait and then find they are not compatible with their married partner. Are they to think they are doomed for life now.

Sexual Energy and the Law of Attraction.

This is probably the most important part of your conversation. Teens need to know they are using the Law of Attraction even if they know nothing about how their energy is transmitted. We send our signals out every second of the day. They attracted this person or that experience into their lives for a reason. Wouldn’t you rather have your teens have a positive experience with sex verses ones that they might regret, lie about, feel used about, feel ashamed about, feel embarrassed about and afterwards wished they hadn’t done it to start with. All of these negative emotions will attract other similar energies into their lives. It’s the Law Of Attraction that automatically does that for us. This could turn your teen into wanting to experiment with drugs, crime, stealing, or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

This is the question you need to ask yourself and answer. Should my teen engage in sex or not? More importantly ask. “How do you want your teen to feel during and after the event if they do engage in sex? Having SEX can either energize you with excitement, or deplete you if it’s associated with guilt, shame, and worry.

Most of you will be thinking - NONE!... or hoping it’s NONE. Because you are still carry those same judgments that were handed down to you by your parents, society or your religious leaders. If you have noticed ‘sexual energy’ around your child, it is there because their natural energy toward sex is developing how it’s supposed to, normally and within the ‘laws of nature,’ which is 100% natural.

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Author and Inspiration Speaker. I love working with parents and their children to raise the vibrational energy within the family.

'SPIRIT BOY- an earth spy' is an uplifting novel for young readers, parents and teachers. It revolves around the Law of Attraction principles so kids see how their dramas effect their energy.

"Is Your Family Vibrating on the Right Frequency to Manifest Money?" is a manual for parents who want to understand the Law of Attraction and how their moods, and their children's moods often stop them from manifesting money. Every thing from Teen Sex, to Drugs Use, Lying and cheating, Screaming at your kids, Your Fears become their Fears.

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