In the homes of the abused children of the past we have an underground present today of the S&M and Domination and Submission scenes. A parent is a role model for a child at an early age as loving authority. If this relationship is tainted with over discipline at an early age then the bonding is broken at the soul level and an immaturity in the relationship arena of openness and balance of power may be missing. An abused child that bonds with a parent who is loving at times and strikes the child at times can create a skewed persona where loving actions mixed with a punitive action is expected to satiate the bonding mechanism in a relationship. In more extreme cases a lack of warmth and affection in childhood with punitive behavior from a parent figure may lead to a persona of an adult who has a distrustful, punitive expectation dynamic in the relationship that may lead to consensual spousal abuse through S and M activity in the worst cases in skewed relationship.

An average office worker who is quiet and polite by day and brings out the individuals fetish bondage gear by night to play out power role playing in sexuality replace nurturing intimacy with that decision during the sex act. If they rear children then that energy is the hidden sexual model that the young ones grow up with their DNA replicating to. Often the pierced and alternatively dressed and dyed or gothic styled individuals are more conservative in the bedroom because the subtle rebellion against traditional society is present in the personal styling of the individual instead of hiding it in the closet. Another paper I have written; Sexual Orientation and Soul Motivation has some clues as to how the fetish scene may have been created. It is prevalent in the hetero and gay community and a female soul incarnated in a body of a male for example or a male incarnate in a female body are hidden from most of society as a blatant truth unless accentuated by revealing feminine traits or masculine traits in attitude or dress. Take this a little further and it is not difficult to see the exaggerated version of this in the fetish scene. For the hetero participants the power dynamics are there with some humor and dress up for all orientation grown ups. Many ways to create sexuality as a fashion show that allow intimate bonding to a soul displaying outwardly instead of the garment behind the eyes inviting inward reflection and contact.

What occurs is that in extreme cases where an individual equates the fear chemical with sexual gratification (some present in the D and S activities as laced with the orgasmic experience creating a genetic equation desiring to feed off anxiety in order to allow the achievement) with either a denial of orgasm replaced with pain from consensual assault as the hidden, prideful being that is valued for being able to participate in extreme submission in order to sexually gratify another party engaging the individual thus agreeing to a slave bond relationship of consented abuse that the other cannot be charged for. Quite the trophy partner of consented abuse that is untouchable by the law unless they get caught.

What is obvious in these scenarios are two things: somewhere in the individuals lives there was likely a time where bonding with an authority figure of influence did not take place in a healthy manner. In that first scenario there is now a clever deal made with a person exercising power over the other who controls who will abuse the individual with consent. Another is likely in all D&S and S&M themes individuals who have not had a healthy bonding experience with a loving parent, friend relative or partner of a deep nature have not had the opportunity to then learn how to bond deeply with the entity’s own higher consciousness or God self on an un conflicted soul level.

Some have come from broken homes that have chosen spiritual, non religious study or moved from one to the other without getting involved in the above, underground movements. What may not be realized is that there are ties to ancient history depicted in the fetish wear of underground movements that have connections to ancient symbols of Egypt; the ties. Humorously the 'ties; around the body often over naked chests that were a dress/uniform for the day in hot climates for some became copied in some fetish modern underground wear for the fetish movement without consciously comprehending the significance of the historical past. Worse images of bound figures to a post who got killed may be calling souls to look at the imagery and what is being portrayed in modern times in the S and M power games; modern slavery? Do some of these people wear ties to the office in the day and then play illegal violent games by night? Examining historical 'fastenings' for the emotional vibration of the violent games may reveal some oppressive energy of the soul desiring resolution.

For the traditional, societal model it may be difficult for the baby boom generation especially to understand the generation after them (with the exception of those older participants keeping alive the memory of the Marquis de Sade) to understand the mind of the present generation and or be in denial about where the mind spawned from. Answers area never given to the demanding individual from others who requires examining the soul for why the playground of learning became treacherous or skewed. Reflection away from the behavior is necessary in order to sit upon a different chair without the bondage gear tying the individual to a repetitive past. What is really detrimental to women is the S and M movement for the following reasons: during nursing there is a very strong pull on the nipple that the woman’s body learns to replace any pain sensation with the milk let down that relaxes her. In addition the bumping of the cervix during lovemaking can cause some tightness in the womb area without the orgasmic response which can release this tightness pleasurably. This may reduce period cramps and birthing pains during labor; a body that is orgasmic and has learned its way to transmute out of pain; a non victim mentality. The S and M movement inflicts pain at the point of orgasm and other horrible body abuse that is actually illegal and assault. So what in effect is occurring is that a person is shamed out of normal, relaxed pleasurable experiences that affirm a healthy body state, created unworthy in a relationship as relaxed and receiving pleasure and made to feel pain instead negating the relaxed, healthy state and creating punishment for feeling pleasure as if it’s bad? This can skew the psyche and create fanatics that suffer to feel worthy. So the female is not respected by these groups and the normal pain coping mechanism that women have which is there to aid in sexual intimacy, childbirth and nursing is betrayed. Without this confidence is more difficult without ulterior motive hiding behind it.

A real the jokes on the S and M participant is that many symbols in the fetish bondage and S and M rituals are found in ancient African motherland symbols; Egypt, Mesopotamia so the participant may be so disenchanted with not having remembered some of their soul's wisdom that he or she is beating it out of themselves..often not realized till they leave the scene and study these in historical archives.

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