You can stimulate the sexual excitement and lust both in yourself and your lover by the surrounding you choose for making love, by the atmosphere you create at that place, by special actions and by using special products targeted for this purpose.


On the market you can find many herbs or herbal blendings capable of increasing the sexual arousal. Many arousing herbs are also found as common spices. Examples of arousing herbs are ginseng, roseroot, cinnamon, cayenne, cardamom, ginger, damiana, horny goat weed, catuaba, maca, muira pauma and cuscuta. The herbs can arouse you both by their taste, their scent and by a physiological stimulation on the nerves and blood circulation.

The herbs create a general sexual mood in your mind and intimate zones, make these zones more sensible for stimulation and facilitate sexual reactions. Most herbal preparations are to be taken as a single dose each day. It is also a good idea to spice up your food with some of these herbs a day you want to have a strong sexual experience.


Some smells can strongly awaken the sexual arousal. This is done in two ways. Some smell receptors in the nose have a direct nervous connection to centres in the brain that are active when a person is sexually aroused. When something trigger these smell receptors, an immediate sexual interest and arousal is the result.

The body itself secretes substances with erotic scents. However, the body also produce wastes and secretions that have the opposite effect in a too great amount.

The proper degree of washing and hygiene is therefore necessary to get maximally aroused. The body should be cleaned some time before sex. But a very eager washing and a use of massive amounts of soap or cleansers can take away exciting bodily scents, and a strong smell of soap is directly anti-erotic.


A way of making both yourself and your partner aroused is the use of erotic perfumes or pheromone preparations on your body. These preparations contain substances, so-called pheromones, that trigger receptors in the nose directly connected to the brain centres involved in sexual arousal. They also contain substances that trigger sexual excitement by their consciously sensed smells.

Some of these substances give a distinctly feminine mark, others give a distinctly masculine signal and others are common to men and women. Therefore preparations of pheromones are often made in special versions for men and women.

Perfumes with smell of flowers or the like should be avoided. These types of perfumes may smell pleasantly, but they take the mind away from sexual thoughts


You can excite each other heavily by using sensual outer clothes and sexy underwear. You can use clothes with exciting colours or with colours or shapes triggering your erotic fantasy. The clothes should attract your attention towards your most intimate areas, for example by means of lines or structures pointing that way. Your clothes should also visualize the shape of your intimate zones and the shape of body parts you find especially attractive. Your clothes should look like an invitation to erotic activities, but without looking too vulgar. Avoid heavy or voluminous clothes looking like an armament. Such clothes signal to your partner that you do not want sex, that you are afraid of sex or afraid of your partner.

A careful use of make-up in order to strengthen and underline special attractive traits in you face can increase the excitement, for example some darkening of your eyebrows or some shading under your eyes. Heavy use of make-up will have the opposite effect. It will make your partner wonder what really is under that make-up, your partner will feel the make-up as a shield around you, and your partner will be constantly afraid of disturbing your make-up.

A simple, elegant and fanciful, but still natural-looking, heir-cut and hair colouring can also greatly enhance the excitement. However, a heavy hairstyle looking like a major artwork will take the attention away from erotic thoughts and thus have the opposite effect.


A romantic atmosphere will help to bring forth the sexual arousal, and there are many ingredients that together make such an atmosphere. The surrounding must be tidy and colourful. The colours should generally be somewhat discrete and held in a warm tune, but with some spots having a stronger colour, for example a carpet covering the sofa you sit in and the linen of the bed where you intend to make love. Having discretely coloured lamps in the background, or some colourful flowers or ornamental objects will complete the visual part of the atmosphere. The temperature of the air must be pleasant, somewhat warm, but not too warm. Pleasant and relaxing music will complete the picture.

Furthermore, the setting must be such that you naturally drew your attention towards each other. There should be some comfortable place where you feel it natural to sit or lie down near each other. The light in the surroundings should be dimmed, but with a somewhat stronger light upon the place where you intend to make love.


The food you eat some time before sex can greatly enhance your excitement and lust, or have the opposite effect, depending of the composition of your meal. You should have a meal that stimulates all your senses. It should contain ingredients with bright colours and you should use sensual and aromatic spices like cinnamon, ginger, musket and cardamom. Some amount of strong spices like cayenne or chilli will stimulate your bodily reactions and thereby make you more aroused.

Coffee or tea stimulate the activities of the central nervous system, and thus also the sexual excitement. A cup or coffee or tea just before the sexual act will often enhance your sexual mood. Small amounts of alcohol will help to take away tension and worries and make room in your mind for erotic thoughts and feelings, but heavy drinking will destroy your erotic intentions.


Looking at pictures in an erotic magazine or at an erotic video that depict sexy people and erotic situations can stimulate the right mood for making love. The best pictures and videos are those showing some new and surprising ways of making love. The best visual material will give you ideas about new things you can do yourselves. Directly comic pictures or videos should be avoided, because they awake other feelings than sexual excitement, but some degree of humour is fine.


The foreplay is important to increase your excitement maximally, and there are many things you can include in the foreplay. Kisses and caresses are classical ingredients in the foreplay, both when you still have your clothes on and later in your naked state. You should always take your time to kiss and caress each other, but you should also use your fantasy and play with each other in steadily new ways.

You can for example gently unclothe each other instead of each of you take off one's own clothes. Also place your partner or yourself in surprising and intriguing positions. Then you caress each other with gentle movements. Begin by caressing neutral body areas and gradually get closer to the erotic zones of the body, and eventually stimulate the most intimate zones by gentle strokes or gentle fingering.

During the foreplay and the sexual act it is often natural that one of you take a leading role, but you should try to shift being the leader, either from time to time or during different faces in the sexual act.


Massage can be a good way of enhancing your sexual excitement. The massage will help you to relax and take away the daily tension and worries. When these disturbing elements are pacified, your mind have greater place for erotic thoughts and feelings. The massage will also directly stimulate the feelings and reactions in your erotic zones. When massaging, begin very gently and increase the intensity gradually. Also approach the most intimate zones of your body gradually. However, do not massage too systematically. Use your fantasy and do some surprising manipulations.


On the market you can find a lot of oils or ointments you can use during erotic massage that have an arousing scent and a pleasurable consistency. The oils make the fingers glide more smoothly against the zones you massage and increase the pleasure during the massage. Some of these oils are to be used on greater body parts.

Other oils are especially made to use in the most intimate body zones. These oils will give lubrication to ease intercourse, but will also often have ingredients that directly stimulate feelings and sexual reactions, for example enhancing the erections of the penis, enhancing the engorgement of the female lips and clitoris, increasing the vaginal secretions or creating exciting physical feelings by stimulation of the nerve endings or sensual bodies.

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