If you want to create positive change in your life, here are seven empowering steps you can take to increase your success:

1. Choose a goal that enlivens you!

2. See yourself as willing to live your goal! Follow your heart and imagine yourself living your dream in a way that feels really, really good inside your spirit and body.

3. Make sure your goal is something you really want. Let your goal begin and continue as a free decision to have something new in life, not a guilty verdict whose sentence you must now pay.

4. Make a choice and apply an action step to that choice. For example, if you decide to lose weight, instead of rewarding yourself for losing five pounds, reward yourself for taking action each day. Weight loss is variable and dependent on many factors. However, choosing an action step such as walking 2 miles every day for two weeks is finite and tangible. At the end of each day, you know whether you followed through with your word to yourself or not. Take time every day to recognize that you made a choice. Then apply an action to that choice and follow through.

5. Break down your goal into manageable steps. Take tiny, small, achievable steps daily.

6. Reward yourself for your efforts. Feel good in the process - not only once the goal is attained.

7. Be flexible and have fun!

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