Do you want to work less while making more money?

Why did you start your business? Did you start your business to work with clients, make a good living and spend time with your friends and family? Instead, many service professionals work very long hours and don't have any time to spend time with their friends and family.

Why does this happen to business owners? When you are just starting your business, you have very few clients. So you start looking for more clients to work with.

In the very beginning business owners spend a lot of time promoting their business, so that they can get clients. They spend a lot of time on promotion, but the business owners think this is only temporary. They think that once they have enough clients, they will not have to spend a lot of time on marketing their business.

This is wrong thinking. Even if you have a full client roster, you should still spend time on promoting your business!

As your business grows more and more, it gains more clients. But business owners quickly find out that they still have to work long days. They need to perform client work. They still need to do marketing and networking. I have met many successful business owners with many clients, who are not able to work shorter hours. They still work really long days, and when they are not working with clients, they are out promoting their business.

The only way to get out of working 12 hour days is to create multiple streams of income. Apply the Multiple Streams Of Income Business Model to your business, so that you do not have to work with your clients non-stop. When you have multiple streams of income you can work with clients a few hours a day and bring in the rest of the revenue from other streams of income.

Your multiple streams of income are information products that you create using your knowledge. These streams are passive. Once you create these products you can post them on your web site and sell them. These products can be e-books, books, audio recordings, special reports and more.

When you sell information products in your business, your business changes. When you sell products you do not have to work long hours with your one-on-one clients. With information products you can spend less time working and more time with your family, while still having enough revenue.

When you sell information products, your customers will buy your products without your involvement. You can be on vacation skiing or you can go to the beach, but your customers are still going to be buying your products. Just imagine checking your email and finding out that you sold lots of products while on vacation!

Start learning how to create information products for your business. When you sell information products, you will be able to work fewer hours and take vacations. And while you are on vacation, your web site will still be selling your information products and making you money!

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