How many times do things show up in your life that you write off to coincidence or serendipity? How often are you pleasantly surprised at things just fall into place perfectly?

We are very powerful beings with the capabilities of creating what we choose in our lives. Yet many times, we don’t believe in this power, don’t believe that we had anything to do with the “perfect timing” of a situation and don’t use it to our advantage. Instead, why not harness this energy and put it to work for you?

A recent example of serendipity in my life was when my husband surprised me with tickets to see a gifted musician, Jake Shimabukuro. It was an amazing night of pure inspiration. Jake was truly incredible and also allowed who he is to shine through to his audience through his stories. I was inspired and mentioned to my husband that I’d like to feature Jake as a Luminary on We agreed that we would talk with Jake after the performance.

The concert seemed too short for I could have listened for hours! When the concert ended Jake was swarmed by a mass of hundreds of adoring fans. Not wanting to wade through the crowd to get five minutes with him, I looked at my husband and told him that we’ll find an easier way to make this happen. He smiled at me, and knowing from past experience how things just show up in our life, we agreed that we’d just attract this to us. We didn’t want to impose on Jake when he was tired, or wait for an hour when we were tired too. We went home, knowing that we’d find an easy way to contact Jake- and soon.

The next morning my husband was flying out of Denver International Airport. While waiting in the gate area, he heard someone behind him playing Jake’s music on their mandolin or ukelele. He realized this person sounded as good as Jake himself! He spun around to discover the source, (you guessed it, didn’t you!) Jake Shimabukuro was seated directly behind him, strumming his ukulele. My husband laughed and as he proceeded to share the story with Jake, he too was pleased and inspired by the serendipity of the situation.

It’s so magical when we can trust that the right opportunity will show up, the right person will walk across our path, or the right circumstance will present itself to us- because it always happens when we believe it will!

Rather than chasing Jake or going crazy trying to find a way to make this happen, we made a conscious choice to allow it to be easy. We believe that life is meant to be easy and the things that we need are always there for us, if we’re paying attention. And in that belief, magic can show up!

We laughed at what some might call serendipity, but we knew better.

It is magic and it is there for each and every one of us- if only we can believe it.

What is it in your life that you’re chasing? Wouldn’t you like it to be easier? What if you relaxed into knowing that the perfect solution would present itself to you without you having to go crazy to make it happen? Would that relieve some pressure and stress in your life? What do you have to lose other than the stress? You’ll attract what you think about, so make every thought count.

Be consciously aware of what you’re thinking, or in other words, creating. See what you want as already done, just as we saw meeting Jake as an easy thing- before it happened. We didn’t know how it would happen, but as you can see, knowing how doesn’t matter. All we knew is that it would happen, and it did. All you need to know is that it will happen, and it will show up in your life too. The magic is waiting for you.

May there be magic in your life today, and may you be paying attention when it shows up!

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