It had been six months ago today that ten-year-old Emily’s mom had made her way to Heaven. Emily missed her mom each and every day, but what she was most worried about today is how she can find a way to send her birthday gift to her mom in Heaven. She had two weeks to find the perfect gift and she set out on a journey asking everyone she knew if they could help her figure out a way to send her gift up to Heaven.

The first person she asked was her dad. Still grief stricken himself over his wife’s sudden death, he was not prepared for what Emily was about to ask him. "Daddy I have an important question for you." "What is it pumpkin?" "Mom’s birthday is almost here and I need to know how I can send her gift up to Heaven?"

He couldn't think of an answer to give his precious daughter and with tears in his eyes he told her he needed a little time to think about it. "Okay dad, but don’t wait to long I only have two weeks to get my gift ready and I don’t want mom to think that I forgot her birthday." Although she loved her dad and knew he would try as hard as he could to help her, Emily decided to go ahead and ask a few other people if they could help her send her gift to Heaven.

The next person she decided to ask was her teacher at school. Surely her teacher would know how to help her. Teachers know everything that’s why they're teachers. As soon as school was over the next day she stayed after and told her teacher that she needed to ask her a question. "Miss Johnson, I have a question for you." "What is it Emily?" "My mom’s birthday is in two weeks and I need to find a way to send my birthday gift to her up in Heaven." "Can you help me?" Miss Johnson prided herself on always being able to help the children and answer all of their questions, but she had never been asked a question like this.

She didn’t want to disappoint little Emily, but how could she answer a question like this? "Did you ask your dad about this Emily?" "Yes, and he said that he needed a little time to think about it." "I’m sure he will be able to help you Emily and I am honored that you asked me, but I think that it would be better if someone in your family helped you figure this out."

Seeing the disappointment in Emily's eyes as she walked away tugged at her heart, so she decided to call her back. "Emily, I just thought of something." "What is it Miss Johnson?" "Is there anyone else who was close to your mom that might be able to help you?" Emily thought about it for a moment and said, "I have my Aunt Tracy."

"My mom, Aunt Tracy and I used to have a girl’s day out every Saturday" "Is she your mom’s sister Emily?" "Yes,why do you ask?" "I think that she would be the perfect person to help you out." "She grew up with your mom and I’m sure they were very close to one another." "You’re right Miss Johnson, Aunt Tracy would be able to help,I know she will." Emily was so excited she gave Miss Johnson a hug and ran out the door as fast as her little feet would take her.

As soon as her dad picked her up from school Emily asked her dad to take her to her Aunt Tracy's house so she could ask her to help her send her gift to her mom. Her dad still didn’t have an answer for Emily, so he dropped her off and told her he would be back to pick her up in an hour. "Thanks Dad, I know you wanted to help me, but I hope it's okay with you that I ask Aunt Tracy." "It’s fine pumpkin,I know your Aunt Tracy was very close with your mom,I’m sure she will know exactly how to reach your mom."

"Aunt Tracy, Aunt Tracy, I need your help." "What is it Emily, what’s wrong." "Well,you know mom’s birthday is in two weeks and I need to find a way to send my present to her in Heaven." "Can you help me?" "Please Aunt Tracy, you’re my last hope." "Do you have your present with you Emily?" "No, I haven’t decided what to get mom yet, but I knew you would be able to help me pick out the perfect gift for mom." "Come sit down Emily and we will figure this out together."

After what seemed like an eternity, Aunt Tracy finally had an answer for her beautiful little niece. "Emily, you know your mom loved you more then anything right?" "Yes Aunt Tracy, she told me everyday how much she loved me." "Well, I think that the best gift you can give her is not a gift that you need to go out and buy." "I think that the best present that you could give your mom is a little piece of you." "How can I do that Aunt Tracy?"

"Well every night before you go to bed try to remember something really special that you and your mom did together." "That’s easy Aunt Tracy I have millions and trillions of special things that mom and I did together." "But how can that be a present for mom, and how can I send it up to her in Heaven?" " It’s easy Emily, when you say your prayers each night concentrate really hard on a happy thought of you and your mom, and ask God to take that happy thought up to Heaven for you."

"Will he really do that Aunt Tracy?" "Of course Emily." "God hears all your prayers and nothing would make him happier then to be able to take those special thoughts and deliver them in person to your mom." "So my mom will really get my happy thoughts?" "Yes Emily and your mom will be watching over you every day, and the best present you could ever give her is to remember all the special times you had together, and the love you shared will fly up to her each night on an angels wings."

"The best part is it doesn’t even have to be her birthday, you can do this every night." "Thanks Aunt Tracy, this means my mom will have presents every day." "I’m going to go home tonight and start sending my presents to her."

As a tear rolled down Aunt Tracy’s eye, she told Emily that her mom would be the happiest mom up in Heaven. As Emily wrapped her arms around her aunt to say thank you, she whispered in her ear. "Mom will also be the happiest sister in Heaven," and she told Aunt Tracy not to forget to send her happy thoughts up to Heaven to.

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I'm an inspirational writer who has overcome adversity with chronic illness and found the gift of writing because of what I have faced. I've learned many lessons along the way and my goal is to empower and inspire women and chidren all over the world. I run an online bath and body shop where I honor the Divine Diva in every woman. My products feature inspirational names and positive messages that I hope will inspire, empower, and help build self esteem in women and young girls. My goal with everthing I do is to touch as many lives as I can and I hope I have done that for you with this story.