Many sales reps who spend time with upper-level people in their organization (for example--they go on a few sales calls with you, they sit down with you to talk, etc.) feel intimidated and as if they are wasting that person's time. Don't feel that way. They don't. If you are a rising star in your organization, they look at spending time with you as an investment. It's part of their job to help groom the next generation.

So, here's one of the things I want to encourage: if someone from management comes to work with you, send him or her an e-mail thank you note within 24 hours of the visit. (Thank you letters aren't just for job interviews and customers.) Say something like:

"I really appreciate your taking the time to come and work with me. I enjoyed getting to introduce you to some of my key customers, and they enjoyed the opportunity to interface with someone in our company in a larger capacity. I learned a lot from you, I enjoyed the time, and it just reminded me that I should send you a note and say how much I appreciate the opportunity to work here at XYZ Company. If there's ever anything that I can do for you, either in sales, customer service or anything else, please don't hesitate to tap me on the shoulder. I'll do whatever I can to assist."

A letter like this can be a career-defining moment for you. So, I'm just encouraging you that if your VP of Sales and Marketing comes to visit, or your Director who's over the Regional Sales Manager comes to visit, write that thank you note and copy it to your manager. It's a complete positive for you. It is one of the things that significantly raises your visibility within your organization and will pay off for you down the not-too-distant road in every area of medical sales: laboratory sales, medical device sales, biotechnology sales, clinical diagnostics sales, hospital equipment sales, imaging sales, surgical supplies sales, pathology sales, or pharmaceutical sales.

(Besides-it's just nice. Wouldn't you like to get a thank you from someone you've helped?)

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Peggy McKee is the founder and chief recruiter for PHC Consulting, a nationally-recognized leader in medical sales recruiting. For more information, go to