“If I could give only one piece of advice to technical marketers everywhere, it would be this: Show me, don’t tell me” – Jon Udell

If you’re an ardent follower of new trends to hit the Internet, you would have noticed a revolutionary change in the way messages are getting across the Internet. There are fewer words, and more motion pictures. It is the great video revolution and according to experts, this revolution is still in its infancy.

Everyone loves a good video clipping. The search engines certainly love it, marketers are going crazy about it and viewers find they relate more to what they see on videos. Little wonder that businesses that are using the power of the video to sell are thriving like never before.

Surveys show that video reviews convert at 3-5 times the rate of text reviews.

Videos on the internet are being viewed by more than a billion users everyday! YouTube and MySpace are among the top five most frequented sites on the Internet, thanks to their video content. Video is making such a massive impact that products worth $100 billions and more are being sold through video reviews.

In case you are new to this phenomenon, you may be wondering how you can unleash the power of the video on your website, so you too can start selling with video.

Suppose you have a product to sell. You can use your video to convert casual visitors to hot prospects and returning customers. Here are some neat tricks to help you sell online through your video:
A picture is worth a thousand words, so what’s a video worth? Show your product in action. Your prospects won’t need further convincing.
Find out a way to demonstrate your prospect’s particular problem, and show them how your product can solve the issue. For instance, if you are selling an ebook on training dogs, show how you have used certain techniques to make your dog sit, stay and fetch on command.
Show video testimonials of happy customers. Nothing does a better job at convincing an unsure client than the experiences of someone else. Video testimonials can hike your sales by more than 20%!
Use your video to capture email addresses of hot prospects, so you can continue to market to them even after they have logged off. Research shows that it takes up to 7 contact with a prospect before they take an active interest in your business deal.
Use videos to explain your business structure. This is particularly effective in case you are into affiliate marketing because many customers find it difficult to grasp some of the complex marketing structures used in network marketing.
Feature a Vlog on your site. A Vlog is something similar to a Blog, only it’s a video adaptation of the message.

On the Internet, a video is the closest your prospect gets to deal with you face to face. A video that is produced cleverly and packaged professionally conveys immediacy and lends immediacy to your selling program.

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