I have to say on a personal note when I first attempted to sale my property over 4 years ago it was one of the most daunting prospects ever. Just thinking about the whole process of having people coming in and out of home trying to spot out any little issue would give me a headache, I was ideally looking for a quick sell, well to be honest who wouldn’t want to a quick stress free sale. Don’t get me wrong I was not desperate to sell nor was I in any financial difficulty position at the time both my wife and I had steady well paid jobs; we just felt that it was the right time for us to move on.

So I began with what I believed to be stage one of attempting to sell my house which was to have a good clean up and clear out, once the place was now presentable enough for someone else to see themselves moving in. I was now at the next stage trying to find a good estate agent, which was my first stumbling block, as I asked myself how would you know if an estate agent is a good or not so good one I mean I had never sold a property before. So I decided to contact a few to get an get a understanding of their services & benefits, I have to add this only made matters worse, each agent had a different view on my properties value & the quickness at which they should be able to find me a buyer. In fact it seemed to me that each one of the agents were viewing three completely different properties they way the came to their figures.

In the end I choose to have 3 agents who I believe had a variation of benefits two were local and one was national. After all the talking had finished I had various photos taken which was featured on the internet. Now I do not want to offend any estate agents out there as I am sure that the majority of them do a fine job however for me the process was far to slow & inefficient, after four months of waiting around with no joy I decided to ditch all agents and find an alternative way of selling.

Now when I first mentioned this to my friends they thought I was mad, how can you sell your own home they asked, what do you know & to be totally honest at the time I did not know how I was going to do it. After typing in various searches in to the internet I finally came across an alternative way of selling which did not involve an estate agent. This was a free service that guaranteed speed, and would also allow me to keep the fee which would have gone to the agents as it’s a private sale. Now to me this sounded just too good to be true. Now as I am a very sceptical person when ever I deal with any company I first have to do as much background research as I can. After completing all my checks and reading all the small print on their website, I decided to give them a try.

Once I contacted the company they explained the whole procedure step by step with me. Firstly I was told that they would make me a initial offer over the phone which if I was happy with they would then arrange a appointment to view my property to make sure that it is in good condition, and at this point they would make me a firm a final offer on the spot. If I was happy with this offer I was told that i should consider my property as sold.

Well I decided to give them a chance and we discussed all the basic stuff like my property condition, no of bedrooms, double glazed or not etc over the phone once we had a gone over all the details I received a call the very next day with an offer. I was offered 300k over the phone I original had my house marketed for offers around 330k, however doing the deal at 300k was okay even though I wanted slightly more. As I knew this was not a final offer I arranged to have an appointment which was in fact two days ahead.

When they arrived at my home we spent around 20 minutes together going through each room, before we sat down together and discussed all my options before they made me a firm & final cash offer of 300k which I was happy to accept. I was then given a sale contract agreement which stated that they will complete on the purchase of my property within a maximum of 28 days, & that they would also pay my legal fees in full. One condition of the agreement was that I could not attempt to sale my house to any one else within the contract period, which was no problem to me.
Throughout the whole process we maintained a good level of communication and within 5 days of receiving my final offer I received a call from my solicitor who gave me a completion date within the next 7 days.

Attempting to sell my property the traditional way for me was not an experience that I would ever like to go through again, and I ask why would you need to if you don’t have to. Selling privately allowed me to keep all the proceeds of the sale once the mortgage had been cleared, and move on with my life which was the main thing for me and my family. Although I may not have got the full market value for my property when I consider the four months of mortgage payments, council tax and other associated bills compared to my sell which actually took place in 12 days and no estate agent fees the two almost balance each other out.

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My name is Steve McCall & I am a professional property investor, since the sale of my property over four years ago I have since helped over 500 homeowners get the best possible price for their property within the quickest possible time at no cost to them. I currently help over 100 homeowners per month find solutions to their property problems. I am also apart of one of largest property networks in the UK which run all the major network seminars, throughout London & the midlands which I have attend as a guest speaker with my business partner Mr Swinton.

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