Madame C.J. Walker, one of the greatest entrepreneurs who ever lived was quoted as saying, “I got my start by giving myself a start.”

Successful entrepreneurs know that seeing more; the big-picture, the end result, the vision, starts with seeing more within themselves. There is great value for the entrepreneur who knows their strengths and weaknesses; because the entrepreneur who has discovered themselves has truly discovered the keys to unlocking the hidden treasures of their lives.

All people have something of value; something that can be shared. The universe has not rendered anyone impotent of creativity. It all begins with articulating one’s own abilities and discovering what additional skills are needed to acquire in order to bring the “big idea” to pass. For the entrepreneur, it begins with seeing value within themselves. Once entrepreneurs begin to truly see, to truly believe, then it becomes easier for an entrepreneur to see those “ideas” around themselves.

There is not one successful entrepreneur or visionary on the face of this planet who has not opened themselves to the treasure of discovering their own value and self worth. Self worth gives the entrepreneur the courage to take risks. All entrepreneurs are bold risk takers. It takes an incredible amount of courage for the entrepreneur to be immovable, while standing their ground and seeing more than what’s right in front of them. After all, the entrepreneurial spirit is the epitome of the human spirit. Strength. Courage. Wisdom. Some of history’s greatest inventors and entrepreneurs have mastered the ability to see beyond their own time in order to create a future that humanity can be proud of.

No matter what one may have seen displayed as personality flaws by various entrepreneurs, an entrepreneur’s goal is to increase wealth; their own, their country’s, and the people. By increasing the wealth of the nation, the country discovers untapped resources which increase the wealth, knowledge, and wisdom of the people. The people, then benefit from a wealth of knowledge and gained inspiration to become more and to discover more.

By the entrepreneur increasing their own wealth they have freed themselves from the bondage and exploitation of those who would seek to exploit their gifts. If an entrepreneur refuses to recognize and use their own gifts for their own good, more than likely someone else will find a way to exploit and take advantage of those gifts and talents, for their own good. For the entrepreneur choosing this path, they will eventually find themselves increasing the wealth of those who exploit them, while decreasing their own self-value, self-worth, and self-esteem.

That is the basis as to why entrepreneurs choose to be entrepreneurs. It is a gift and honor for them to increase the wealth of their country and the wealth of their people, while increasing their own knowledge, wisdom, and wealth. By seeing more within themselves the entrepreneur will begin to see more of what is around them. And by seeing more of what is around them, leads to the appreciation of inspiration.

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