Teenagers often appear to be something that they are not. They appear confident,even aggressive at times in order to cover up what is going on inside of them. If as parents you can ensure they have high self esteem then they will be able to cope with all that life throws at them in a confident way.
Teenagers need be given compliments so that they have the confidence to make the right choices. They need to be recognised and feel listened to and understood. The need to feel loved and feel important.These are things that all parents want for their children but what is imporant is that your teenager actually feels these goods things. Often we presume that athey do when in reality they feel lost and lonely.
Parents need to help teenagers find things that they like about themselves so that they are confident when others try to denigrade them. Teenagers need to be able to cope when they don't succeed or get as high grades as they think they should in school, they need to have the confidence to learn from mistakes without giving up and becoming de-motivated. They need to feel worthy,loved and cared for. In our busy word where both parents are often working it can be hard to fnd enough time and enough quality time to help our teenagers in the way they really need. Parents need to help their teenagers to like themselves and resect themselves and see themselves as good human beings. Young people can get passionate about their own vlaues and beliefs when they get going, they need to be given the courage to have that confidence in themselves. The role of a parent is the hardest job in the world, one that you can never get right all of the time but one that you must persevere with , so that your teenager has the confidence to know that they are OK.
Teenagers need to see themselves as the hero of their own stories and be prepared to give life a go rather than to feel a victim of a bully who may call them names.They need to feel proud of their successes and work through difficulties. Teenagers need to share in the community of the home and learn to be responsible for some chores, so that they are part of the family community and do their bit to help, rather than being totally self centred and demanding. As parents we have to find the things we can to praise, so that teenagers can grow from successes. If they cna clear the floor from half their room, we need to priasse that and encourage them to grow from here unitl they can keep all their room tidy. Teenagers can feel unbelieveably hurt by criticism, however much it is justified. If you have to tell them something unpleasant, say something possitive about them first, then sock it to them and then end with something good again. This way your message will get through much more and your teenager will accept it from you more gracefully. If you would like more information don't hesitate to contact me via www.Nextsteps.org.uk
Good luck

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Theresa is a teacher of teenagers and has taught for many years and is now Life coach. She has been a deputy principal and worked in inner city schools and believes in the power of a positive approach.