Most men are woefully ignorant or simply uneducated about taking care of themselves. WHY is it so important? Because how you take care of you directly creates the platform, the ground from which you impact your whole world.

Here's a list of 30 possible ways that you could start taking care of yourself today!

* Spiritual Practices: chanting, prayer, selfless service, breathing techniques, Tantra, religious rituals, etc. recharge your batteries and connect you with your Self, which is the Oneness at the Source of everything. Inner peace and fulfillment allow you to be in harmony with your world.
* Regular Meditation and Yoga. These practices can provide a deep deep rest to the whole system, which in turn rejuvenate you profoundly. When practiced on a regular basis, say twice a day, over time, the effects accumulate. It can be argued that the AGING process itself is reversed. For example, check the web for scientific research on Transcendental Meditation.
* The cheapest, most effective Stress Buster around: a long hot bath with a full ½ gallon of Epsom Salts = $2.89. Can bring 100 times the value!!
* Spending time in Supportive Groups: Men's Circles, church gatherings, drumming circles, whatever works for you. There’s no comparison to the power of group consciousness, especially when it’s intention is for healing, awakening and support.
* Getting the help you need from a therapist, mentor, friend, elder, brother … asking for help is the mature thing to do! Why suffer so much on your own?
* Practice taking full responsibility for a situation in your life, think through the results of the choices that you make and honestly own up to what you create.
* Finding your inner gifts and bringing them out, exercising them: so joyful! Ecstatic! When the creative juice flows through you…
* Living in alignment with your Life Mission, and being active in service to others. Nothing is more satisfying. The universe supports you in all arenas.
* Saying NO to choices, habits, and people that do not serve you, that are not healthy to be around. You’ll know the next day what your body is telling you about the consequences.
* Decide consciously what your VICES will be and limit yourself to moderation in them.
* Diet: pay attention to what your body says after you eat things. Fill up your tank (one teacher says never more than ¾ full) with good stuff and notice the effects. You may want to try nutrition supplements - especially the B complexes.
* Good digestion is critical for good health. Whole foods, Fiber, and even digestive enzymes and acidophilis and bifidis capsules regularly.
* Do your work! Attend to your emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritual needs. What areas are you Not Growing in? What new can you try? Process what gets in the way of living healthy in each area.
* Receiving physical bodywork can be significant in preventing illness, not to mention assisting you in clearing out the emotional stuff you’re processing… Try Network Chiropractic, deep tissue massage, Rolfing, Shiatsu, Watsu, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Barbara Brennan modalities, etc.
* DO NOT CARRY AROUND EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE. If you have an issue with someone, process it, clear it, let it go, either with them or without them as soon as possible after it happens! There’s an old saying about …..”going to bed with your anger….” Various authors have tied anger to cancer and other diseases. Learn about the Psychosomatic roots of disease. You can prevent all that!
* Look for balance in how you’re spending your time. Are you getting enough exercise? Are your setting aside time for Play? Do you allow yourself to be lazy and sleep in once and a while? What needs to happen that is not? 85 percent of Americans I encounter are over-extended and need more rest.
* Try a Sweat Lodge or Steam Sauna on a regular / periodic basis.
* Daily Routine: Bodies function best with a regular sleeping schedule. (not that easy). “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”
* Look for ways to Make Love in All you do, not just sexually. Channel your sexual energy into all areas of your life. And, honor the Sexual for what It is. Express yourself freely, without apology.
* Explore new things, new places. Pushing your envelope beyond your comfort zone can be exhilarating!
* Invest in your relationships. Reach 0ut to friends via telephone (email is not the same as voice connection). What have you left unsaid to those you care about? (You could die tomorrow).
* Taking “snow days” and other mechanisms to lounge around in bed. Play Hooky with your Lover! Go to movie matinees. Stay up late reading that thriller novel. Get away!
* Doing specific activities to Nourish Your Inner Child: sports, dancing, music, biking, swimming, certain types of movies, cartoons, whatever… can be good for this. Puppet shows are fun. Talk to that little boy every day! Make up crazy words and sounds with/for him. Go get his favorite junk food once and a while.
* Journaling: good way to “clear the palette” so you’re open and fresh for whatever New is coming. Try it first thing in the morning or just before sleep at night.
* Explore Stories, Archetypes and Metaphors that help you make sense of your world. Like Animal Totems, mythical stories even astrology. Having a framework of narratives and symbols in your world is powerful medicine.
* Vacation Time: Ample? Useful? Restful? If it’s not rejuvenating, maybe it’s not a vacation. Some can be Retreats, others Advances, some both.
* Get Clear about who and where you are. Accept Yourself Unconditionally, one moment at a time.
* Read for fun. Carve out time for your hobbies. Make them just as important as other stuff…
* PETS: positive psychological effects of those relationships are documented. Elderly people with pets live longer and are happier.
* Make sure you Do What You Love to Do! Life is short. Work is over-rated.

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Adapted from an original list by Rich Menges, a Co-Leader Trainer Emeritus in the ManKind Project, coaching in private practice.

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