Do you love yourself? Or, would it be closer to the truth to say that you are your own worst enemy? Self-love means to regard yourself with respect, to recognize and value yourself, and to appreciate your life.

Self-love is the process of breaking free of the need to gain others approval and instead gaining your own. It involves letting go of the paranoia of what other people think of you, or the desperate need to be liked. You see yourself as worthy of expressing your own preferences and opinions, regardless of what others think.

Some benefits of self-love include feeling good about yourself, dropping the need to be reliant on others approval for self-validation, freedom from binge or compulsive eating or other addictive behaviors, the courage to pursue your dreams, and freedom from depression or despair.

As you can see, gaining self-love sets the foundation for a happy, fulfilling life. But, what if you currently lack confidence in yourself? Read these insights and discover new ways to promote your own well-being and raise your love of self.

Self-Love Checklist
Before you can begin to raise your level of self-love, it helps to know that self-love does not happen by luck or magic. Instead, you have to create it. Self-love is an active state that expands through specific thoughts, actions, and behaviors. Read the list below and check the many different ways that you can take action and increase your level of self-love.

____ I do things which nurture, strengthen, and comfort my body.

____ I honor who I am becoming, recognizing that I am constantly evolving.

____ I accept my vulnerable feelings like sadness, fear, and mistakes.

____ I'm responsible to bring myself back to a state of feeling good.

____ I look in the mirror and notice my whole being.

____ I comfort myself with positive thoughts.

____ I recognize my efforts and achievements.

____ I use healthy activities (exercise, hobbies, friendships) when I need comfort.

____ I share my true feelings with others.

____ I express my anger in healthy ways.

____ I assert my needs and ask for what I want.

____ I recognize and value my need for solitude and alone time.

____ I recognize and value my need for fun and light heartedness.

____ I am generous with praise towards myself.

____ When I make errors, I am responsible instead of guilty.

____ When I make errors, I forgive myself.

____ I pursue and maintain friendships with others.

Empowering Questions to Raise Your Level of Self-Love
To raise your level of self-love consider asking yourself questions that lead you in that direction. The following questions empower you to make choices that create joy and success instead of pain and suffering. You have the power to choose the direction of your life.

• Do I use my intuition with myself?

• When I feel emotional, do I explore deeper to understand what I would need to feel better?

• Do I give myself what I need to feel better?

• Am I kind to myself?

• What is good in my life?

• What in my life do I most enjoy?

• What stimulates me?

• What's missing in my life - and what can I do about it?

• What can I do to add more joy into my life today?

• Do I follow through doing what I say I am going to do?

• What is my preference, and do I let people know my preference?

• What can I do to feel happier right now?

Imagine a future in which you totally love yourself. Imagine being powerful and responsible for your life. Remember, self-love doesn't happen by luck alone. Follow these tips to create a healthy self-love and reenergize your commitment to happiness.

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