Some of us would be embarrassed if our friends knew we were involved in therapy or were using self-help of any sort. Consider this: The same, potentially critical people might be involved in therapy themselves! We live in a society full of problems right now, and many people are dysfunctional in some manner or another. It is not the fault of the individual, it's the result of dealing with the cards that life deals.

Rather than feeling ashamed of needing help, it is admirable for a person to be able to identify their weaker areas and strive to make them stronger. This is why we, the self-help industry, exist and work to help those who are able to use self-improvement methods rather than to seek professional help. Most people can do this on their own just as well as a pro can. This is our base; the vast majority of humans who are cognizant of their problems and are committed to solving them and remaining independent.

Everyone has weak areas. Searching for a specific self-help resource will surely hit home in some way for any individual; mechanic, nurse, driver, doctor, manager, whatever! Don't let pride stand in your way when it comes to conquering a personal weakness. Instead, take the bull by the horns and be the boss of your own destiny by helping yourself! No one has to know; and if they do, so what? You're moving up in the world and nobody can stop you from improving or achieving success! We in the self-help industry are impressed with those who use any method they can to beat the system or grow past their old level.

It's not only the music in self-help audio that creates growth, but the content of each title targets the behavior or deficiency that you identify on your own. Sure, doctors and professionals are necessary in many cases, however many of us will never go to a doctor to complain about anything short of impending death! I am personally that way- to me, doctors are a necessary evil that usually just take advantage of a physical problem. The best thing they do is set up the conditions for the body to heal itself; and in the case of psychological problems, they can't even do that! Most people are exactly like me in this way, they won't go for help unless the pain or issue is unbearable.

All I am trying to communicate here is this: Be your own doctor whenever possible. Your family needs you; it's in the best interest of all for you to overcome a deficiency, and we all have them. Also, make music a part of your existence because it really is a healing force. Ours (Sprudio-Subliminal) happens to contain under-lying content that targets a variety of symptoms, but making positive music part of your life is definitely what we want all of you (our readers) to do! Music and laughter have both been proven to heal the body when doctors are totally stumped! is full of similar producers who deal in products designed for the individual. Our customers claim, repeatedly, that they benefit greatly from the subliminal experience. In fact, most come back for more because of this real improvement.

So, if you're the type that would never consider self-help audio to relax, stop a habit or improve your time management skills (for example), please re-consider and do something positive to become more of the potential you that you really can become! Browse through our titles and descriptions, and I'll bet there's a CD in there that can bump up your confidence, performance or happiness- even if just a little bit.

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…the author is a displaced aerospace engineer who, with his wife Elena, owns and operates the Sprudio; a self-growth oriented audio studio in Southern California.