Las Vegas Performance of America's Got Talent Winner was just few days ago and it brings up some thoughts. Finalists of any age are embracing their unique talents and sharing them with millions, not only in America, but around the world. How about the rest of the people and their talents?

Stardust Healing Publications Presents:

"The Power of Being Different - Embrace Your Uniqueness"
By ReGina Norlinde (ISBN 978-0-615-25876-8)

Why should only a few lucky winners get a chance to live their dreams on this show? Don't we all deserve to be noticed and loved for who we are and for sharing our uniqueness with the world? The answer is YES, we are all stars!

Newly released book "The Power of Being Different - Embrace your Uniqueness" by ReGina Norlinde talks exactly about that. It is Norlinde's message that the most important "job" we have come to do in this life is to know our true and unique selves, and feel safe to express this uniqueness. Just like lots of people, author and spiritual teacher ReGina Norlinde spent most of her life feeling like she was expected to be somebody else, feeling like she needed to pretend in order to be accepted, however all attempts to "fit in" just led to more misery.
The phrase that goes "What we struggle with the most is what we are here to teach" has become truth in ReGina's life once she realized that the solution to her greatest challenges were within her life improved and miracles began to happen all around her.

She was inspired to write her first book "The Power of Being Different - Embrace your Uniqueness" (available through her website to bravely tell the most significant stories of her journey of embracing her uniqueness. Reflecting on her own past challenges and lessons with new perspective, she provides thought provoking mental exercises in the book as tools to help discover, celebrate, honor, accept and embrace one's uniqueness. The reward? Living up to one's potential and a totally satisfying life, the life we were meant to live. Complete joy and passion for life ALL the time! A whole new condition of being one's true self, discovering the creativity that's within and a continual peace that becomes a paradigm to embrace. This book takes the reader beyond the lessons to claiming personal empowerment, becoming ourselves and enabling the inner light within to shine bright and proud. We all have talents and we can shift into our brilliance, step into our power as we were intended to do!

Since launching in 2006, America's Got Talent has been sold to over 100 countries, with localized versions of the hit format being produced in 24 countries around the world. It is a show that millions of people watch therefore lessons that this show presents are global and relate to many people worldwide.

The youngest contestant of this show, four years old Kaitlyn Maher has captured hearts of many! Some have said - it's great that Kaitlyn is in this contest and in the Top 10, Others say that four year olds shouldn't be in this competition. Some say she has a talent, some say - she doesn't. What matters is that this youngest girl to make to the top 10 is teaching us (possibly not even realizing it) the greatest lesson humanity can learn!

She was showing millions of people by example how following our dreams is rewarding and worthwhile. She is doing what makes her heart sing and so can anyone no matter the circumstances. When we follow our dreams doors of new opportunities open for us to move forward. Kaitlyn may be only four years old, but the message that she spreads is 1 million times older than that - it's about embracing our true selves, embracing our uniqueness!
Another AGT 2008 contestant Paul Salos who at the age of 73 was on another side of the age scale showing by example that age doesn't matter, what matters is that we follow our dreams by expressing our uniqueness.

On not so positive note, another contestant of this year's AGT Sarah Lenor taught a great lesson too - what happens when we listen to outside sources: in her case she was advised to sing in a different style, which she did. As a result, she didn't move forward. Is it possible her heart wasn't in this type of performance and it was felt by listeners?

What do all of us more or less want in life?! - good health and wealth, great job, healthy relationships, to have fun and peace of mind! How many of us actually have it all? Why aren't we having it? Because many of us have forgotten how to be our unique selves and don't trust that we can be happy pursuing our passion. We have adapted other people's beliefs following others. "The Power of Being Different - Embrace Your Uniqueness" confronts these questions with solid, down to earth guidance that enables the reader to move forward to their heart's desire. Purpose becomes equivalent with action. The happiness that comes with embracing one's uniqueness is the result that comes when we are in our purpose. Norlinde personal experiences are shared as living proof that embracing one's uniqueness is well worth the effort.

How do contests like AGT help us on our journey of pursuing our natural talents and following our beliefs? We have an opportunity to witness top contestants and the winner, to have their dreams come true by expressing their unique selves which is a great reminder and an example that when we truly pursue our passion it gets noticed and rewarded (often beyond our imagination).

Everybody has a different purpose in life, a different path. None of us can feel happy and in peace unless we are fully expressing our true selves.

With following our dreams and being our unique selves is just like Paul Coelho says: " When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it." So, start by knowing who you are and what you want. The Universe is waiting to hear from you.

"To Thine Own Self Be True"

Author's Bio: 

In addition to being an author, Spiritual Teacher and Counselor, ReGina is a Radio Host @ where she hosts a weekly radio talk show "Embrace your Uniqueness" as well as she is a Colourworks Color Therapist and Teacher…

Originally she comes from Europe and has abundant experiences of overcoming any challenge by being her unique self. Her uniqueness shines through everything she does and the main message that she spreads in this world is: Be who you are and do, what makes your heart sing because it is the most important job that we have come here to do.

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