This month, Anthony Churchill and 1-0-1 Publishing launch The 5 Secret Keys (, a dynamic new program designed to help individuals gain the self-assurance they need to have more successful and fulfilling lives. In this new program, users will learn invaluable life skills and confidence boosting strategies to help them change their habits, banish inner conflicts, overcome inferiority complexes, gain and retain friends, and more. Customers who purchase The 5 Secret Keys will also receive, three complimentary bonus resources - a tremendous value for individuals who are committed to transforming their lives and becoming more confident individuals today.

An increasing number of men and women struggle with lack of confidence, as well as the fear, anxiety, insecurity and depression that often accompany it. While these feelings are not uncommon, for many people they can be crippling, and prevent them from pursuing jobs, relationships, and other opportunities for success and overall wellbeing. The 5 Secret Keys program, created by Anthony Churchill, helps individuals tackle these issues head on so that they don't prevent them from achieving their dreams and goals.

For much of his life, Anthony Churchill struggled with a lack of confidence, resulting in feelings of insecurity, shyness and fear of rejection. He also struggled with anger towards the people he blamed for these feelings, including his parents, classmates and teachers. But eventually Anthony learned that he had to take responsibility for his own feelings, and that he was the only person that could change his life for the better. This is one of the pivotal lessons that he shares in The 5 Secret Keys.

"After years of feeling sorry for myself, I finally embarked on a journey of self discovery that helped me grasp the life lessons I needed to learn in order to have the confidence to live the life I now knew I genuinely deserved, and build the self-esteem I had lacked for so long," said Churchill. "Once I was able to learn these lessons and change my life, I thought that it was imperative that I share my journey with others in an easy-to-digest format guaranteed to deliver results."

In Churchill's new program, he equips users with the tools and strategies they need to develop more confidence, and eliminate fears and anxiety in 30 days or less. In addition to helping them purge the negative feelings that have plagued them for years, the program also teaches participants how to develop the habit of success, be a better role model, be more effective in their jobs, and be more hopeful about their future.

In addition to the 30-day program, there are a number of strategies and principles in The 5 Secret Keys designed to help users become more proactive about changing their lives, and boosting their confidence. The program stresses the critical advantage gained from the power of mental imagery, psychic energy, a trained memory and the ultimate power of mental mastery.

Customers who purchase the program will learn that these principles are key in clearing the mind of fear and worry, communicating effectively, becoming a better problem solver, and becoming a more creative and productive individual.

In addition to increasing confidence and reducing insecurity, anxiety and fear, the program has a number of additional benefits. By committing to the program, users can expect to enjoy better health, reduce stress and high blood pressure, become better leaders, defeat anger and confusion, stay ahead of deadlines and tackle life's challenges with calm and poise.

"The 5 Secret Keys is a roadmap to creating a better and more balanced life," said Churchill. "I spent my life on the sidelines because I was paralyzed by my lack of self-esteem, poor self-image and lack of confidence. I have been transformed from an awkward and insignificant nobody, to a new and dynamic personality. If this program can work for me, it can work for anyone."

Customers who order a copy of The 5 Secret Keys will also receive Why Affirmations Are So Powerful by Susan Jeffers, Ph.D., Mystic Secrets Revealed by Edwin Harkness Spina and Lucid Dreams Explained, all for only $47. All purchases are risk-free. If unsatisfied, customers will receive a no-hassle refund, and will be permitted to keep the free gifts.

For more information and to order The 5 Secret Keys, visit As a 'thank you' for visiting the website, web visitors are eligible to sign up and receive three free gifts, including e-copies of Think and Grow Rich and The Science of Getting Rich, plus a free audio bonus (entitled 'Goal Setting') from Master Motivator Randy Charach.

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