One thing common to all great communicators is that when they
speak, everybody listens. However, communicating to people is one
of the greatest fears for most of the human beings, and
especially when it comes to public speaking.

Confident communication however, is more than what you speak. It
takes into account your body language as well.

Here are 4 thinking patterns that's inside the mind of a
successful communicator.

1. Confident communicators aren't a know all.
Of course, you need to have good knowledge about the subject you
are talking about, but what actually matters is not what you say,
but how you say it.

2. Successful people don't do different things, they do things
differently. The first step is to believe in what
you say. You must be fully convinced in the idea and only then
will there be conviction in the tone of your voice. Your voice
now is equipped with the power to hold people's attention.

3. Confident communicators don't let people make them nervous.
Most people suffer from fearing catastrophes that never happen.
Most people tend to make a very high imaginary impression of
other people in their minds.

4. Mind your body language.
Your gesture, postures and eye contact probably talk louder than
your words. Body language cuts across all barriers of
communication such as language, time, place, knowledge and so on.
Your body language starts getting interpreted unconsciously by
everyone around. People start forming impressions about you the
moment you make an eye contact and body language certainly
contributes a considerably large part of the impression you make.

Try to learn from your experiences and there is no reason why
you can't make it. Get going. Good luck!

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