Doing your homework before you make a sales call has never been easier.

And the good news is, the bigger the account, the more information you can uncover.

Making assumptions is second only to procrastination in undermining your effort to win more business and make morey money.

Why make assumptions, when you can get answers to specific questions. For example:

=> The company - what business are they in?

=> What are their sales and profits?

=> What are their strategies?

=> Who are their competitors?

=> What's being said and written about them?

=> Who are their key players?

Plus so much more . . .

Sure you can go to,, and even and do searches on these things. But there's something else you can do, that will provide you a steady stream of information without having to lift a finger. It also creates a competitive advantage for you.

Google has a program that will e-mail you updates of the latest relevant Google results (web and news stories) based on your query, topic, company name, or a person's name.

Imagine getting an e-mail every time something is written about your customers, prospects, and YES - even your competitors.

It's your way of keeping tabs on what's important. Just set up a Google Alert.

This sales tip is a sales tip that will keep on giving. You can set up Google Alerts for the following:

>>>> Your biggest customers

>>>> Your biggest Prospects

>>>> Your biggest competitors

>>>> Your smallest competitors

>>>> Your own company

>>>> Your own name

Use this link to get the ball rolling -

Don't be too busy to be smart. This is a clever way to become well-informed and stay well-informed.

This sales tip, using Google Alerts, enables you to focus on what's important and what's new and changing.

You won't have to spend a penny to have Google put this on autopilot for you.

Doing your homework isn't optional and has never been easier!

You now have a system in place to give you an edge over your competitors.

If you enjoy looking at your competitors from your car's rearview mirror, you can double the distance between you and your competition after you read my Sales Manual - "Are You Complete To Compete."

You'll get 10 mini-systems to drive your competitors bananas - and I bet you like the sound of that!

Cut and paste this into your browser.

Start selling more . . .

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Jim Meisenheimer is the former Vice President of Sales and Marketing
for Baxter International and is the creator of No-Brainer Sales Training.
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