Some naturopathic practitioners recommend taking a sea salt detox for cleansing to aid in the removal of toxins from the digestive tract. This is an alternative remedy to taking harsh and commercial medications to treat digestive ailments like constipation, gas and bloating. The sea salt detox acts as a laxative to assist the body in achieving for new and positive changes.

Natural salt is a necessary chemical for normal body function to take place. Since it can be depleted with physical exercise, many electrolyte balancing sports drinks contain salt. Sea salt is used for cleansing as it is deemed superior to normal processed salt due to its health enhancing minerals. A sea salt detox draws out impurities from your digestive tract and at the same time, provides your body with necessary minerals that may not be available in your current diet.

However, it is important that you thread with caution. Sufferers of ulcers, cancer, or digestive illnesses should research this cleansing carefully or consult with their doctor prior to the detoxification process. Additionally, if you suffer from chronic constipation, it is recommended that you do a gentle cleanse using herbs before starting on a sea salt detox. This will help you ease into the sea salt detox without suffering from severe side effects such as headaches.

To prepare the sea salt detox, combine 2 teaspoons of unrefined sea salt with 2 quarts of warm water. If you find it difficult to gulp it down, then add lemon juice to make the drink more palatable. This drink is also best taken in the morning at 7 in the morning, when you awake.

Your reactions may well differ from another individual with a sea salt detox. In general, do expect to empty your bowels in a few hours, although this very much depends on the functioning of your digestive tract. Initially, you may face immense difficulty swallowing the sea salt concoction but do think of the benefits that you can reap if you complete the sea salt detox. You can do the sea salt detox for 3 days and in some cases, up to 7 days. However, do check with your doctor first if it is safe for you to go on a prolonged cleanse.

The benefits of a sea salt detox include internal improvement of your digestive tract to improved moods because of an increase in energy. It is also possible to expect improved respiratory and sinus function. In fact, the sea salt cleanse is also a common folk remedy for colds or as a natural antihistamine. The cleansing process detoxifies the body and balances electrolytes. This can help stabilize the heart rate and relieve muscle pain. Other indirect benefits include fresher breath, reduced body odor and clear skin.

Many people suffer from digestive disorders and from chronic fatigue syndrome which can have their roots in improper digestion. The modern diet is very much laded with fats, chemicals, and toxins that can cause our digestive tract to work less efficiently. A sea salt detox can be helpful in ridding yourself of accumulated toxins and waste products and be your route to feeling better and gaining renewed energy.

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