Sea kelp is among the oldest surviving species on Planet Earth. Biologists think that marine algae may be the roots of virtually all land vegetables we recognize today. The 1st recorded consumption of sea kelp as a nutrient source dates back to 300 B.C. in the Republic of China. Remainders of "Stone Age" sea kelp meals have been detected in South Africa. Pythagorus,the Greek mathematician, touched on sea kelp in his dietary writings. Sea kelp have constituted a pillar of the conventional Japanese diet for thousands of years.

Sea kelp remains have actually been detected in 10000 yr old Japanese entombment knolls. Additionally, numerous ancient Polynesian and Asian civilizations applied sea kelp as honourable offerings to gods and foods appropriate for royalty. Sea kelp plays a useful role in industry, as well. In the 16th and 17th centuries in Europe, Sea kelp were combusted for ash required to create glass and soap and fire industries throughout the continent.

Currently, sea kelp and ocean vegetables are exploited for drugs, including anticoagulants, antibiotics, antihelmenthes (anti-parasite), antihypertensive agents, reducers of blood cholesterol, dilatory agents and insecticides. Deep-sea kelp has excellent nutritional qualities. They send the vitalities of the sea kelp to a human body as an abundant source of nutrients. By weight, along with plant herbs, sea kelps are greater in vitamins and minerals than any other food. Sea kelps are one of nature's most fertile reservoirs of vegetable protein, and sea kelp provides full-spectrum densities of beta carotene, chlorophyl, enzymes, amino acids and fiber. The characteristic saline sense of taste isn't simply "common salt," but a proportionate, chelated combination of sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and trace minerals. Sea kelp assist in re-mineralizing us. They convert unstructured ocean minerals into natural mineralized salts that meld with amino acids. Our bodies utilise these combinations as the perfect manner to assimilate useful nutrients for functional building blocks.

Sea kelp contains all the requisite trace elements for living, several of which are deficient in the Earth's soil. Our body's organic structure fluids have the identical chemical constitution as deep-sea water. The equivalent 56 constituents that circulate in the sea flow through our veins. Sea kelp chemical makeup is so similar to humanlike plasma, many researchers believe the most important benefit from deep-sea kelp is balancing our intestinal system. Sea kelp acts as the ocean's purifiers, and executes many of the same roles for our bodies.

The plentiful antioxidant qualities of sea kelp are efficient toxin scavengers in the case of detoxification. Sea kelps assist in alkalizing and normalizing our bodies from the over-acid results of our modern-day diets. Sea kelp strengthens us versus disease, and thins out surplus stores of fluid and fatty tissue. Sea kelp grows in green (blue-green algae), brown and red.

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