It has been a popular opinion for centuries that we are here to learn something – life’s lessons. I don’t believe that is what our purpose is, and in the time of mankind we really haven’t learned anything at all spiritually, so learning can’t be it.

I believe that we are an embodiment of the creator. We are the creator experiencing physical life in organic bodies. The creator is all that there is as mind, spirit, and body. He/she is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent – he is everything and nothing at the same time. There is nothing that he does not know and therefore to say that he is in physical presence to learn something doesn’t make sense to me.

I just received another book to review and post on my website. When I walked into my office at home, I plunked the book on top of the other 11 books waiting for my reviews. Last night I grabbed the book and hoped into bed not thinking that I took it out of order. I was drawn into the introduction thinking that I was in company of another walking a similar path. It all sounded very similar to my own writing.

As published authors we automatically bare our souls and expose our own insanity to the world, or at least to our readers. Our immaturity is revealed to those who have chosen to read our words. But the amazing thing is that it is our truth and we are completely correct from our perspective. In fact truth is created from 6 billion different individualized perspectives in our present world and that is a good thing. All of us are experts on our personal lives because we are recreating our personal experiences in every second of every moment we are breathing.

Life is all there is and it is present in all things animate or inanimate, and the only thing there is to experience is life in all its possibilities. I don’t like to limit life and when it comes to learning we tend to create levels of learning with a bottom level being subordinate to the one above it. I like to refer to learning as “areas” of learning with each area being parallel to the next; one not being better than the other. This gives equality and reverence to all belief systems and the ability for humanity to mature and move on at the same time in space and time without having to go through levels. So we are simply experiencing different things at the same time and we are not really moving anywhere. This tends to equalize the plain. If I were Christian I could not look down at some bush native worshipping a rock in the middle of a jungle. As a New Age philosopher and writer I would be hard pressed to look at Christians as pagan, primitive or backwards. All thoughts, all religions, and beliefs share equality with each other in the experience of the only thing that really exists – the one mind, the creator experiencing his own thoughts in 3D.

It is observable in our present world that there are people who do live in jungles and cities and in different stages of awareness of technology and what physical life has to offer. However, it is only a personal judgment as to how spiritual they are. All things are spiritual by nature; it is what we are – we are spirit! Some of us have a greater awareness of our true nature and contrary to a romantic view of what spirit is; it is the simple mind that is more spiritually aware.

Someone who is spiritual does not try to find it; they simply accept it and think nothing of it. For those who are addicted to religion, a boxed system or find themselves searching for their identity; they are simply demonstrating a lack of spiritual awareness. If they are searching for it, at a subconscious level they must know that they have it.

The author in the book is clearly showing great enlightenment and lack of it at the same time. That is neither good nor bad; it is simply the way it is. It is how the author perceives her world, and it is an opinion and her truth or a declaration of “I AM,” I am alive and this is how I have created my world and see it.

What I didn’t like about the book was the comparisons she was making between her understanding and those of others. Language is the greatest separator of man from man, man from women, and man from his creator. Nevertheless, there are few other ways we have mastered to express our truth. It is the word which creates and destroys and it is how we communicate. What credit I can give to the writer is that she clarified in the very beginning that her book was written to evoke thought in the reader. I believe that this is the best any book can do and it is the responsibility of the reader to know that. Thoughts are seeds, when nourished and expressed in the form of words, they become our physical experience.

To say that we are here to learn; that this is a school simply doesn’t work when you look at the whole picture. What happens to life then, if it doesn’t learn? It is not possible, what we then experience is life not learning – it is an experience not a lesson not learned.
The life force, spirits or souls were all created at the same time with the same knowledge; mature and evolved in their completeness. They are because they are aspects or individualized experiences of the “one mind” the omniscient, omnipotent mind of the creator. The waves of the ocean are constantly being created as aspects of the ocean with all the knowledge of the ocean and its attributes and characteristics. It is not here to learn anything, but to experience itself in as many waves as possible.

When is a puzzle a puzzle; when it is thought up in someone’s head, when it is created in 1500 pieces or after it is recreated as one piece?
When is a creator a creator, when he is creating or after he has finished creating and is whole? The creator in his infinite wisdom divided himself up in order to experience himself as whole. The whole is the sum of its pieces, to know itself as the whole it must also know itself as its pieces. Once it is whole again, it can no longer know itself as creator – there is nothing to create. It must divide itself up once again into pieces so it may experience itself. That is the nature of life and that is the only purpose for life.

You now know yourself as separate from the creator, but in fact that can never be and it is an illusion because the creator is all there is.
All thoughts, all religions, all beliefs and all our actions and experiences are aspects of the creator. The illusion is that we think they are ours. The only benefit of knowing this is that you can stand back as the silent observer and watch yourself create all the circumstances of your life and you can experience empathy for what you are doing.
You are not here to learn anything, but to experience everything!

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