MYTH: “I will be happy when...”

What do you think would truly make you happy? Let’s suppose one of your answers would be to make more money. If you were given a million dollars but told that you couldn’t spend it, money would do you no good. If you were allowed to buy a house that no one could live in, you would find the house worthless, too. So what do you really want? If you don’t know, you’ll greedily pursue material things, thinking they will satisfy your needs.

What you truly desire is abundantly available and not limited to the resources of the physical world. Experiencing Love is all you really want. Money, treasures, even good health and better relationships are all things you think you need. But they are only strategies – means, not ends, and only a temporary part of a temporary physical world. They may be important in this dimension, but when you are completely awakened with Love, you realize you need nothing else.

Where are you looking for Love? Probably in all the wrong places. True Love, like true happiness, is abundantly available and comes from within.

This doesn’t mean you can’t work at a great job, have better health, or enjoy life’s material rewards. These things are for you to enjoy and experience only while you are here. Once you’re an awakened spiritual being, you’re free to consciously experience all of life’s physical rewards as an addition to your life, instead of believing you need anything for wholeness and happiness. You may say, “Yes, but love doesn’t pay the bills.” Survival is important of course, but merely surviving is not our purpose here. We’re here to enjoy this experience and remember who we are.

Three steps to abundance

“Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.”
Mark 11:24

If you are ready, you can get anything in this fantasy world in only three steps.

Step 1: Know what you want.

This means the feeling behind what an object or person will help you to experience, not the object or person. The Universe responds literally to your thoughts, so be as specific as possible. For example, don’t wish for a better marriage when you really want to share peace and Love with another soul. Don’t think you want better health when you really want more energy and the ability to experience life. Think carefully about what you really want, so when you program for it, you’ll create a clearer picture in your mind (and Universe) so it can more easily be manifested.

Step 2: Believe you can have what you want.

You can’t have something if you don’t believe you are capable of having it or deserving of it. It’s not enough to merely desire something; you must believe you are capable of owning it. If you’re 5’9” and believe no one your height could dunk a basketball, you never will. (But no one told that to 5’7” professional-basketball-player Spud Webb.)

Application: You deserve abundance

If you think you don’t deserve something, challenge this belief. Where did this idea come from? Is it a reality? Realize that you were created to experience prosperity and abundance in all things. There is nothing you don’t deserve.

It is said that anything you can conceive and believe, you can have. This is almost the case, but if you want help from the Universal Energy, there’s one more step.

Step 3: Accept that you already have what you desire.

Once you accept that you’ve already received what you created in your mind, the process is complete. If you sprain your wrist playing tennis, see it healed using a visualization technique. By creating in your mind that your injury is already healed, that image will be manifested in the physical world, and you will be back on the tennis courts much sooner. If you want to find a loving partner, center yourself and create an image of already enjoying your life with the person you desire. (It is not necessary to know who it is or to imagine a face.) If and when you are ready, the Universe will unite you!

Don’t ask!

Thought is energy. This form of energy is processed by your creative mind and printed out as your reality. If you’re centered, you co-create your printout with the power of the Universal Energy. Your thought will be much stronger, resulting in the creation of what you desire sooner.

“You can never get what you want, but you can love all you have, and
you can have everything.” Bruce D Schneider

Sounds like a riddle, doesn’t it? By understanding and applying its secret, you unlock your potential for abundance? You can never get anything you want, ask for, or “pray” for, because your body and the Universe knows only how to give you more of what you already have. Nothing more, nothing less. Getting confusing? Hang in there.

When you ask for something, what message are you giving the Universe? The Universe hears, “I do not have what I want!” If you tell the Universe you want more money, you’re really saying, “I want more money because I don’t have enough.” Why else would you ask for it? If you had enough, you wouldn’t need to ask for more. When you ask or pray for more money, you are programming the Universe to create (or maintain) your not having enough money! By telling the Universe that you already have what you desire, (i.e., enough money), you program that thought. “I have enough money” is exactly what will be printed out for you.

The printout you see could be a “coincidental” financial gain, or maybe an advantageous business opportunity. Perhaps you will “out of nowhere” gain a feeling of peace and security with what you already have.

For what’s really important, it is an abundant world. Once you remember who you really are and how much creative ability you have, you can realize all your desires from within, and find the peace that had been once thought to be achieved from outside yourself.

Adapted from Relax, You’re Already Perfect: 10 Spiritual Lessons… to Remember.

Bruce D Schneider, Ph.D., MCC is a Master Certified Coach, licensed psychotherapist, Reiki Master, founder and director of the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (, and author of, Relax, You’re Already Perfect: 10 Spiritual Lessons… to Remember (Hampton Roads Publishing, 2002).

Author's Bio: 

Bruce D Schneider was virtually dead at age 18. In 1978, a late-evening highway encounter with a drunk driver left him on his deathbed. Miraculously, he not only survived this horrific accident, but against all odds, went on to a complete recovery. Why?

This is the question that has motivated him for more than twenty years through the study of psychology, hypnotherapy, metaphysical research, spiritual teachings, and countless hours of personal meditation. Bruce found his answers, and his purpose – to empower others to get their answers.

No longer the object of wonder to the medical community, Dr. Schneider is again the focus of attention – this time with his acclaimed book, Relax, You’re Already Perfect: 10 Spiritual Lessons… to Remember (Hampton Roads Publishing), and his powerful and inspiring workshops, seminars, coaching sessions, and professional coaching training.

Dr. Schneider’s message is profoundly simple: “Open your eyes to your magnificence and limitless possibilities appear.” His renowned book details this principle through ten empowering, and sometimes eye-opening, lessons. Filled with practical applications for an everyday spiritual experience, his book is being recognized by leaders in the New Consciousness movement and Self-help genre, such as James Redfield (author of The Celestine Prophecy) Stephen Rechtschaffen, Ph.D. (author of TimeShifting and co-founder of the Omega Institute) and Carolyn Myss, Ph.D., (author of Anatomy of the Spirit). Myss calls it “Some of the best practical advice on spiritual self-help that I have ever read!”

Testimonials about the impact of Bruce’s work are mounting. His lecture and workshop attendees have reported life-changing results from powerful and practical information and exercises. Participants are surprised to learn that enhanced happiness, health, wisdom, and wealth are within their reach not by driving themselves to make things happen but by breaking though their own self-created limitations and finding their own power and gifts to share with everyone around them.

Bruce was awarded undergraduate and graduate degrees from William Paterson College and Rutgers University, respectively. A successful entrepreneur, business executive, and former semi-professional athlete, he is the founder and director of the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching in New Jersey and California,.

Bruce D Schneider, Ph. D., is a Master Certified Life Coach, Licensed psychotherapist, Reiki Master, renowned speaker, and founder of the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (