Save Your Eyes

How many folks take a do-it-yourself program or self-help workshop and go to the
next step of using the new knowledge in every day life?

No more than 8% of learners will put their new skills into practical use.
Why did they spend their money and time in the first place, if they are
not going to implement what they learned?

Homo sapiens have a genetic fear of change. All of us live by the status-quo,
homeostasis, and not invading our comfort-zone. One word sums it up –
mutaphobia – fear of change. For readers with PhDs, the word is
Misoneism – hatred of the new. We are comfortable with Same-Old, Same-Old.

Really cool folks remember this economic fact: fear-of-loss is greater
than desire-for-gain. We will spend time, money and effort to hold on to what we
have-and-own, through insurance, maintenance, and professional assistance.

We rationalize why we will not do what it takes (homework, daily practice and
continuing-education) to implement new knowledge. No time, too hard, it makes us
uncomfortable, are a few of the excuses not to change for the better.

Two-Minute Exercise

Would you spend two-minutes to help save your vision? You can answer it with
the question – who wouldn’t? Truth be known, about 92% will not, even after
they have the knowledge from a professional eye specialist (ophthalmologist).

We are talking to the vital 8% who are ready, willing and able to help themselves.

You can reduce and control Floaters, those tiny spots you sometimes see moving
past your path of vision. Is knowing how to limit floaters, worth 2-minutes of daily

Wait – there’s more. Your celiary muscles (contracts for close-up viewing, and
relaxes for seeing-at-a-distance) need 2 minutes of exercise to stay in shape.

Admit it – you don’t want to have extra daily rituals in your life. If your want
to maintain your sight to age 100, you will check it out.

Eye And Brain Partnership

Did you know that anatomy and physiology show that your eyes are tools for your mind? When you focus your mind in the correct way, you learn and remember
better, and physically improve your sight (vision). Narrow focusing causes stress.

You can expand the width of your field-of-vision by activating your peripheral
vision. Why bother? Two-reasons: to save your eyes and improve your
learning skills.

It is normal aging that causes your Celiary (focus) muscles and Crystalline (clarity) lens to lose their elasticity and the ability to see like you were a teenager. Two-minute Eye movement exercises can improve and maintain your vision until you cash-in your chips.

Normal people spend 95% of their waking hours using a very narrow band
of vision. We talk to other people eye-to-eye, using our narrow viewing. When
we type or surf the Internet (4-6 hours daily) we engage our narrow
FOVEAL vision. When you watch TV you use foveal (narrow) vision, not
your peripheral vision. Narrow focusing produces chronic stress, headaches and
red, watery eyes and Dry-Eye.

The goal of our eye exercises is to get you to Go-Lizard, see lateral-left and
lateral-right like a lizard, instead of using your normal narrow focusing.
Practice widens the sight you produce in your Field-Of-Vision, through special eye-movement patterns. In 21 days it becomes a habit and you go on auto-pilot.


If you implement and spend two-minutes daily on even one of these eye-movement
exercises – you will see an improvement in your vision within ten-days.

Keep-it-simple and not boring, by remembering and imagining your benefits.
Seeing your environment and reading are taken for granted until they stop functioning. It sounds silly, but have a mental list of why your sight is your
most valuable asset. That will keep you doing the exercises without accepting comfortable excuses to quit.

Horizontal Figure Eights

You have seen the symbol for Infinity dozens of times; it’s a figure eight on
its side horizontally. It even has a name – lemniscate < Latin for ribbon.

Sit down, hands on the top of your knees, feet flat, and looking forward.

Your goal is to keep your head still and steady while your eyes move
to produce sleeping-eights for the next two-minutes. The symbol is just
visually tracing the Infinity sign moving your eyes left to right and right
to left in the form of an elongated figure eight.

This exercise is baby-easy and extremely effective is focusing your left
and right hemispheres on working together. Each eye movement
widens your field-of-vision and helps you read faster because you take
in more words with each saccade (irregular jolts and jerks of your

Doubling Your Eye Improvement

Most (92%) people need immediate gratification or they quit. When you
teach yourself Delayed Gratification (two-minutes daily for 21 days),
you develop self-esteem and personal-efficacy, confidence in your own
gifts and talents.

The secret strategy to double the benefits of Horizontal (sleeping) figure
eights is to keep your head still, do two-minutes of Infinity symbols left-to-right
and right-to-left, and produce an audible sound we call Hu-u-u.

Take a deep breath before you do the Figure-8s eye-movements and as you
exhale, produce the sound Hu (as in HU-man) in a long, drawn out syllable.


You know it is working when you feel the vibration in your lips. It is your
relaxation mantra (sound) training your body to release stress and anxiety.

Do it this way and you get a double-header for your two-minute exercise.

Intention Affirmation

Your brain (hardware) is run by your mind (software), like your computer.
If you state your intentions aloud (whisper) your brain takes it as a
Command to fulfill. We call it a Command Affirmation – you are affirming
you want action taken on your instructions.

“Every day in every way, I’m improving my eyes, and they are getting better-
“Every day in every way, I’m improving my eyes, and they are getting better-
and-better”… Continue your Command Affirmation for the length of the two-
minute exercise daily for optimal benefits.

Yes, this is a ritual and most us hate being forced to follow a ritual and
will ditch in a minute. Remember, it is you giving an order (intention) to your own brain, for your self-improvement. We recommend you make this ritual the
exception because it produces powerful results.

One more once: Every day in every way, I’m improving my eyes, and they are
getting better-and-better…

That’s it for today. We recommend you learn to 3x your learning speed and
2x your long-term memory to improve your personal productivity. Ask us how.

copyright © 2007 H. Bernard Wechsler

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Author of Speed Reading for Professionals, published by Barron's'
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