Most of you have probably heard or read about creative visualization. Some of you have may have tried it too. The idea is that by concentrating on the mental image of an object, it is possible to attract it. Circumstances, events, and behavior can also be influenced and changed by the power of thought.

Thought alone is not enough. Something else is needed to spur the thought into action. Think, what makes you take action, a cold uninteresting thought, or one charged with emotion?

Feelings and emotions give power to thoughts. When you hear a lecture, who moves you, a lecturer who talks in a boring, listless way, or someone talking with zest and emotion?

When you meet a total stranger for the first time, who leaves a greater impression on you, a cold, dull person, or one full of energy and enthusiasm?

Feelings and emotions add zest and energy to thoughts. Even in small daily actions you may see the power of emotions. Some actions are done in an indifferent way, others with love, interest and energy. The results of these two kinds of approaches are completely different.

You know that walking is good for your health. If you think about it with a lack of interest, you would probably stay at home. But if your desire is strong, or there is some emotional incentive, you go out for a walk.

Emotions and feelings are like electricity for an electric appliance. The best appliance won't function without electricity. In order for a thought to act and manifest, it needs something to give it life and energy. Feelings and emotions are this something.

If your desire is very strong, then it is all right, and you will probably get what you want. But usually it is not enough just to think about your desire. You need to generate emotional energy.

There are times that you need to do something that you know is important for you, but you cannot generate enough emotional charge to act or make it happen.

It is possible to produce emotions and feelings in an artificial way. It is like connecting a television, or radio to a wall socket.

What kinds of feelings have to be generated in order to succeed in creative visualization? Only positive happy feelings and emotions of success and satisfaction. Feelings and emotions, which strengthen your desire and your ambitions.

All of us have experienced some sort of success in our life. Even small success counts. A small present we received, or a compliment from someone whose opinion we value. Being on time for to the theatre, or succeeding to bake a good cake. Of course big success counts too.

Relive the event of success in your imagination and visualize it as clearly as possible. Try to evoke the positive and happy feelings you experienced at that time.

When these feelings are aroused, think about your present goal. Then relive and experience these feelings and emotions in your imagination, and connect them with your present goal. These feelings will inject a strong energy into your thoughts.

Thoughts charged with emotions materialize faster. They are transmitted to the surrounding environment and are sensed subconsciously by the people you come in contact with. These people may help with your ambitions, because your thoughts prompt them to act on your behalf.

Emotions and feelings are a great power. For this reason it is better to indulge only in the positive kind.

Thoughts evoke feelings, and feelings evoke thoughts. Our habitual thoughts influence the way we feel, and our feelings influence the way we think.

It may seem unbelievable, but we have the power to choose our thoughts and feelings. Thinking the right thought seasoned with the right feeling can reshape our life and make it a success.

The secret of successful creative visualization is a clear mental image or scene of your desire, faith, concentration and a strong desire. A strong desire can be aroused by remembering past experiences of feelings and emotions of success as described earlier.

The stronger the concentration, the stronger the mental and emotional energy that are aroused. This energy spurs the conscious and subconscious mind into action. They in turn influence the behavior and consequently the reactions and behavior of the people you come in contact with.

Strong concentrated thoughts charged with emotions are transmitted near and far, like telepathy. They have the tendency to cause everyone and everything that comes in contact with them, and open to them, to think the same kind of thoughts, thus furthering the materialization of your thought.

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