A daily sales plan is a great sales and selling technique. Your daily sales plan isn’t just showing up for work each day making calls, and setting and holding appointments. That’s what I call “hopium”. When your plan is “hopium” you’re just showing up, going through the motions of sales, and hoping something good will happen like some sales. We both know hoping something will happen isn’t going to make it actually happen, so how about trying a plan.

You probably don’t wake up each morning all motivated and eager to get going. A plan helps you to get good results even if your motivation is still home in bed. The reason your plan helps you so much is because you have to act on your plan to implement it, and carry it out every day whether you feel like it or not. A funny thing happens along the way as you carry out your plan. You’re motivation increases because you start getting good results.

What should you include in your daily sales plan? If you want to be a top producer you’ll need to do what top producers do: you’ll need to work on yourself, you’ll need to have specific goals or targets that you’re working to achieve, and you’ll have to develop self-motivation and self-leadership. All that on top of the actual sales activities, it’s no wonder there are so few at the top.

It’s really not as hard as it may seem at first glance. Working on yourself is all about self-development and learning. The quickest way to develop is to get help from the experts. Look to those outside your organization who have an impartial view of you and what you are or aren’t doing. When you set your sales goals you really need to be thinking big picture. You make sales because you want money, you want money because you want something else. Usually you think in terms of tangible things like maybe a new car, a better house, or a nice vacation. Ultimately though isn’t what you really want is the ability to spend your time the way you want that comes from financial freedom? So think about how your goals this day relate to what you want one day, and keep focused on today.

Self-motivation and self-leadership are among the most useful tools you can have in your sales and selling technique tool kit . An amazing thing happens when you focus on one day at a time and do whatever it takes to make just today a success. When you’re only focused on today and you make today a success you feel really good about yourself and today. That’s very motivating. Your motivation in conjunction with persistence, determination, and focus on the right things gets you doing the things you may not like or want to do, and that’s self-leadership. All of a sudden everything begins to fall into place one day at a time.

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