If you believe that line your sales and marketing plan is headed for zero results. Here’s why most ads don’t work: people don’t read ads, you have your picture in the ad and no one cares, your ad doesn’t say anything that interests your potential readers, and your ad doesn’t have a valid reason for your reader to want to connect with you. Consequently you spend a lot of money running ads that get you no results now and will continue to get you zero results as long as you run them.

Don’t include ads in your sales and marketing plan that people won’t read. People don’t read ads unless they have something they are specifically looking to buy. The problem with your ads is there isn’t anything for them to recognize as something they want to buy. Remove your picture. Remove your company logo. Remove the spiel about how great you are. Do have an attention getting headline that gets them to stop and read your message. People will read ads that get there attention and talk about the problems they’re experiencing.

Your ad has to do more than have your picture and some spiel about you and your company. If you want advertising to be an effective part of your sales and marketing plan you have to set yourself up for success not failure. That means your ad needs to be directed to a specific group of people not the public at large. When your prospect reads the headline they should already be able to identify themselves as the person this message was intended for.

A generic message in a generic publication has almost no chance of benefiting you and leading to future sales. Your ad needs to target a specific group and be in a publication read by that group. It should communicate that you understand a particular problem the members of that group have, and that you have information that will help them with that problem.

Advertising can be an effective part of your sales and marketing plan you just have to do it the right way. Doing it right means sending the right message to the right people at the right time via the right tool. When you have a clear and strong message that resonates with your readers they will reach out and connect with you.

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