Many sales people go to sales seminars with hopes of removing the struggles that can come along within a sales position. The optimistic outlook of finally learning that one "magical phrase" or technique that will eliminate all objections and close every sale is a powerful lure to a hungry sales person.

Unfortunately, many who attend sales motivation seminars often find themselves right back where they started just a few short weeks after the seminar has passed. Struggling to close deals, chasing old accounts that are a dead end and with little to no relief in sight.

Every salesperson has experienced this situation one time or another in their career. Even the great sales people in your current organization. The difference is, they didn't give up and they worked smarter, not harder.

They learned the ropes.

And that is the difference between sales training and sales motivation. Sales motivation will wane. It will fade and leave you as fast as it can. And that is ok. That is why it is important to constantly feed yourself positive motivation. Because you know it will burn up like rocket fuel. But guess what? That's what it is supposed to do! It's supposed to give you that extra "boost"!

But when your selling skills are not up to par, that sales boost of rocket fuel goes to waste. Sure, if you stay at it long enough you will get occasional sales. Maybe even enough just to squeeze by. But why squeeze by when you can skyrocket your sales on a consistent basis? Let's face it; no one is in sales so they can brag they are in sales. It's all about the cold hard cash you can earn.

Sales is the only profession I know that you can have unlimited earning potential and not be required to have a college education. (Note: I am not saying you shouldn't go to college and I am not saying certain companies do not require or prefer a college graduate for sales; I am simply making a point).

So if cash is the primary motivator to have a professional sales career, why not learn everything you can in order to position yourself to achieve the most possible amount of opportunities (closed deals) within your field?

This is the difference between technical sales training Vs sales motivation.

Both are needed, however having the technical "know-how" is vital to a sustained, profitable sales career. Make sure your sales skills are up to date so when you get that occasional rocket fuel boost of motivation, you'll know what to do with it. And maybe even more importantly, you'll still know what to do in order to close sales when the gas tank is low on fuel.

Author's Bio: 

Michael Pedone is the President and CEO of, an online sales training company for professional sales people who sell by phone.