Salespeople, what do you have to lose by writing to Santa for what you want? Since 1952 or 1953 children have been writing letters to Santa, so why not write your own Dear Santa letter? Mine would go something like this:

”Dear Santa,

You know who I am and how old I am and that I have been a good business coach this year. No matter what others say, I have been very good all around this year. (I promise!) I know it’s been a long time since I wrote you a letter, and even longer since you’ve come around to my house. As you will see by my gift list, I want to continue being of value for my prospects and clients. To make it easier for you, I’m even suggesting that you spread this out all through the year. Here are my wishes:

Let me maintain persistence. I would be grateful for another year of being organized with a system to follow up with prospects and clients so I don’t give up. I know have something worthwhile for them.

Deeper listening. Most of the time I do ask questions and listen to understand my clients better. My communication skills are great, but I excel in listening. Help me to continue to hone this introvert advantage.

Keep my enthusiasm in check. Sometimes when I lose a sale it dampens my enthusiasm. After all, who likes to lose a customer? Help me to always choose to focus on the positive no matter what.

Priority focus. You know I can get distracted with emails, so many opportunities, and online networking. I know my high-payoff activities. Help me focus on why I am selling what I am selling. Acting on what I know to focus on will help me achieve my goals sooner than later.

A top-notch coach. It’s no secret I am willing to invest time and money in myself. Every year I’ve benefited from having a coach. Help me find one this year that is just what I need for right where I am with my next level.

Belief in myself. Every once in a while those lingering limiting beliefs kick my butt. I know I have what it takes to continue to be a top performer, so let me learn to not listen to that negative self-talk.

Be a connector. Of all the wishes this one is the one I want to maintain the most. People say, “You’re the ‘go to’ person for anything.” I think this is because I can usually connect people to others. This is one of the most helpful things I can do and be.

Have a full sales pipeline. Let me maintain my energy to do what I know I need to do to always have prospects. I don’t want to get caught in any sales slump so that I will lose a sale here or there. Let me be pro-active with this.

Well Santa, my cell phone is vibrating telling me there’s a voicemail waiting for me. Maybe you are already starting to make my wishes come true. Be safe on Christmas Eve and do stop by my granddaughter’s. She’ll have cookies waiting for you.

PS – I’m sure you know this is not a complete list that will help me make this next year my best. I know you are busy so these wishes will lay a solid foundation for the rest of my unwritten list.”

When was the last time you wrote a Dear Santa letter? Decide what top salespeople characteristics you want to continue or have better command of and just write that letter today. It takes a while for it to be delivered to the North Pole.

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