‘Gunk’ is usually what that nasty stuff which collects in the engine and other car parts is called if you don’t change car fluids regularly. But gunk can also refer to bird poop, splattered insects, even some soap scum that sits on the surface after washing a car. Just like this wide variety of car gunk, gunk is everywhere in business people, in different amounts, and can get in the way of our business success. How much of a problem is gunk in your business?

Is gunk a real threat? Just like in your car, if you don’t change the oil regularly, if you don’t regularly ‘degunk’ yourself, then your business suffers. And some actions you might take, like procrastinating, eating junk foods, or drinking alcohol as your way of feeling better about things, are not necessarily safe! For eliminating the real threats that cause poor performance in your networking, marketing, sales, and presentation confidence in the whole engine of business, be aware that these areas each on their own can be problematic. Take a look at your intentions, expectations, networking and marketing plans, presentation confidence, beliefs, and values then decide how to make them all gunk resistant.

Do you use a low quality fuel? Just like a low quality of fuel can contribute to engine gunk, a poorly planned approach to get going each and every day can clog your business activities. Do you procrastinate? Do you notice your self-talk – is it more negative than positive? Too much watching the media these days? Too little taking care of your emotional state? All are signs that the best fuel for you - your self-talk, emotional state, limiting beliefs and more, might need to be something other than what you are doing.

Is marketing one of the largest investments you make? One recent business video I watched stated that 40% of a business owner or salesperson’s time is better focused on filling the sales pipeline, or marketing. A high priority set of actions! Networking, speaking engagements, follow up activities, article writing, press releases, asking for referrals, and more marketing activities are the sales funnel to your sales pipeline. How much emotional and mental baggage are you dragging into all these actions?

Gunk (negative thoughts and feelings) can clog the works (results), and if left unattended, your business won’t get enough sales when you want and need them the most. Clean out the gunk (your mental and emotional state) and your business success is more easily within reach. Find a ‘degunker’ process that works for you, and get help from a qualified coach if you haven’t been able to successfully do this on your own. Everyone (like every car) is different. Do something differently so you increase your results (your sales and revenue).

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