In sales effectiveness is doing the right things to produce the desired result which is more sales. Your effectiveness is dependent on your actions, and the relationships you form with clients and prospects. You can’t be effective if you don’t understand your client’s and prospect’s goals, and you won’t discover those goals if you can’t form relationships.

Your relationship and credibility is what provides you with the opportunity to gain access to information about your client’s goals. The information you need to do your job is highly personal and confidential. Information that they don’t or won’t lightly share with anyone they have doubts about. If you can’t open a good relationship with a prospect they won’t buy from you now or ever.

It will be easier for you to establish relationships and increase your credibility if you demonstrate your sincere commitment to helping your prospects and clients make the best choices for them. In all likelihood they’re overwhelmed even confused by unclear choices and options. When you act or serve as a guide helping them through the decision making process without pushing them toward a sale they’ll feel comfortable opening up to you and giving you access to the information you need to help them make the best choice.

As you go through this discovery process together help them to choose solutions that are in alignment with their goals. And if their goals are unrealistic long-shots helping them to understand why, and what is possible deepens your relationship and increases the likelihood that when they’re ready to make a buying decision the sales skills you’ve demonstrated will make you the obvious choice. At that point you are responsible for managing the fulfillment of those goals.

One of the worst things you can do as a salesperson is avoid or ignore bad news. You’re afraid the client will hold it against you personally. What clients actually fear is being left out and not knowing where they stand in the achievement of their goals. That contact that lets them know exactly where they are is very important to your clients, and one of the easiest things you can do to increase your sales effectiveness with existing clients.

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