Here's a sales tip - the best day of the week is TODAY, of course. Yesterday's are lost forever, and we know only too well that tomorrow isn't promised to anyone.

When you're reading the morning newspaper and don't see your name in the obituary - declare it a great day.

Some salespeople squander time and some people squander money and even more salespeople squander both. That's just plain stupid.

Start treating everday as a gift and you'll spend your time more productively. You begin every day with a blank canvas. You're an artist and you have complete control over how you spend the day. Grab your brush and start painting.

To M.A.K.E. the most of every day - do the following:

M-onitor the critical sales performance elements in your business. Know your numbers. Know your statistics. Identify your selling weaknesses and work diligently to transform them into strengths. Every day ask this question, "How can I do it better?" Then do it better.

A-djust your attitude. Tough people always figure out a way to deal with tough times. Be tough. You can achieve anything you can imagine. The key is to be imagining good things happening to you. To be on the safe side though - make sure you convert your dreams into written goals with specific action steps.

K-eep learning. Don't let a single day go by without learning something new about your Selling Profession. Subscribe to Selling Power Magazine or read a good sales book, listen to CD’s as you drive from account to account. The more you study the more you'll sell. Remember - you have to learn more to earn more.

E-njoy the ride. Face it - life's too short. Customers and sales prospects are people. Enjoy the time you spend with them. Take an active interest in their business and learn about their personal interests. You probably have more in common than you think.

Don't put your family on hold. Don't hit the mute button when it comes to outside interests and hobbies. Nothing is more dreadful than facing retirement with zero hobbies and no favorite pastimes. Waking up and falling asleep with CNN is no way to usher in your golden years.

With a little planning and flexibility you can M.A.K.E. every day THE BEST DAY OF THE WEEK.

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Jim Meisenheimer is the former Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Baxter International and is the creator of No-Brainer Sales Training.

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