You probably think creativity is something those artsy aesthetics types have. You may be surprised to know that creativity is a learned skill. And you may be ever more surprised to learn that creativity can be a skill that leads to improved sales techniques.

Creativity is just a thought process that produces ideas. To become creative you need a positive attitude. And you need to be open to allowing yourself to be creative.

A lot of creativity is inspired by observing how resources are used in different ways in different industries. Something that works well in another industry may work well in your industry too. And if you’re for the first person to see this relationship you’ve just created a unique position in your market place.

You are not only a sales person, but a buyer too. Begin to view every buying experience as a live learning lab. Based on your experiences what buying experience could you or would you want to create for your buyers?

It works just as well the other way too. What buying experiences have you lived through that you wouldn’t want anyone else to ever experience? Would you stand to gain trust and rapport with your buyers if you assured them they’d never have this experience with you and then backed that up with your actions?

Who says buying can’t be fun? Start collecting ideas from fun experiences and figure out how to incorporate those ideas into your marketing or sales experience. If you can make things fun you not only establish a great relationship with your buyers, but you’ll find that they’ll tell others about that experience making them want to have the experience too.

Believe in yourself and believe that you can be creative. If you just give yourself a chance to be creative you’ll find that it’s actually very easy for you to be creative because you know your customers and you know your service. You know the big reason people buy so all you have to do is connect that big reason with a creative idea that leads to increased sales.

Don’t allow fear to squelch your creativity. What’s a creative question that you could ask that would really get your prospects attention? What’s a creative way to position yourself as being different than the competition? What’s a creative way you could reach out and connect with your best prospects? Improve your sales techniques and become a top producer with the help of the tools below.

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