Understanding why people buy and what that means to you is an important part of your sales development training. You can know more about your product or service than anyone. You can have your sales presentation down pat. You can know beyond all doubt that your prospect needs what you have worse than anyone you’ve ever met. Yet until you understand why people buy few, if any, will buy from you.

Sales development training is a good phrase because it reflects how much learning it really takes to become a super sales person. A super sales person is part friend, part confidant, part expert, part therapist, and always an over the top listener. One of the things a super sales person is always listening for is why people buy. A super sales person knows that people will buy if, and only if, they want your solution. Predominantly they have to have something they really want first, and then you have to help them to see that your solution is the best option for fulfilling that want. That can’t happen until or unless they understand your solution. They won’t understand your solution until you understand their exact want as well as they do, and you’re able to help them discover how your solution is the perfect match.

Do you get price objections? When you get a price objection recognize you’re getting what you’ve earned. Your prospects must believe your solution has greater value than their investment. When they believe that you won’t get price objections. But they won’t believe that unless it’s true, and you’ve helped them to discover the value of your solution for them themselves. Think of it like peeling away the outer layers of an onion. You have to help them to keep uncovering and discovering just what they want is worth to them. As you uncover an onion the aroma becomes stronger and your eyes tear up. As you help your prospect uncover their outer layers their emotions get stronger. As their emotions get stronger their motivation to take action becomes stronger until you have a ready buyer wanting to take action right now.

If you aren’t a trustworthy person, do everyone in the industry a favor and find another career. Most sales people are trustworthy good intentioned people who wake up each day looking for the people they can help. They have absolute confidence that their product or service is a perfect match for many people, and they can’t wait to make those people’s lives better for having met them. These are either your super sales people or super sales people in the making. They understand that buyers must believe that you are doing your best to help them, and protect their interests. It’s easy for them to win a buyers confidence because they are 100% genuine. The more genuine you are, and the more confidence buyers have in you, the greater your sales success.

Being an expert is helpful, but it’s almost insignificant in the big picture of your sales development training. If you know enough about your product or service to believe it’s the right solution for the problem your customers want solved, you already know enough to succeed in sales. The first thing all customers buy is you. They buy you because they believe in you and believe you want to help them. You are the biggest difference they will identify between your company and your product or service and the competition. That difference is what seals the deal for your sales.

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