”It won’t be easy, but …it could be the most challenging, most rewarding thing you’ve ever done”, reads a recent ad for State Farm Insurance. It could apply to nearly every business opportunity ad you’ve ever read or considered for any service business. Owning your own business, controlling your own destiny, is an exciting concept that many people desire. However, most will fail because they fail to understand 7 critical steps for business success.

To turn your business opportunity dreams into a profitable reality you must understand these 7 steps to business.

  1. No matter what service business opportunity you choose you’re really not in that business, you’re in the business of marketing that business.
  2. Never enter any business starting from a product you want to sell or a service you want to offer. The first thing you absolutely must find is a specific group of people with an underserviced want or need that you can fulfill through your service.
  3. Build your service business around fulfilling that want or need for that specific group of people.
  4. Learn everything you can about them, so you can develop a marketing message that grabs their attention and gets them to want to know more.
  5. Give them a highly motivating reason to reach out to you to get what they want.
  6. Unless your service is very low priced, which I would absolutely never recommend, don’t go for the sale or sales appointment on the first connection.
  7. Develop a marketing system that will build a relationship from the first connection leading to a sales appointment and closed business.

Show me a bizop where they’re recruiting you, and I’ll show you a bizop that doesn’t have a system to market your business. Their marketing system markets them not you. Don’t ever think otherwise. MLM and network marketing bizops are all based on inventory turns, and who do you think is generating those inventory turns? Yep Sparky that’d be you. You’re creating inventory turns by meeting your inventory quotas and recruiting others. Very little inventory is actually moved to outside customers. Insurance companies are marketing and selling their products and they don’t care which agent, if any, is selling them they just want premiums.

The only person looking out for you is you, no matter how much “help” you’re told you’ll get. The companies offering you help with the bizop they’re sharing with you do mean well. You just have two entirely different sales objections, and you have to worry about yours first.

Unless your bizop is illegal or so far ahead of the market that you have to educate the market to create a want, you can succeed with any bizop if you follow the 7 steps I’ve given you above. Take that bizop and make sure you’ve identified that under served market, and then tailor it so both you and your prospects win. They win because you’re doing something great for them that they really want, and you win because you get to help people while helping yourself to a healthy profit.

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